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Police arrested the two foremen from the construction site in bat-Yam, on which the collapsed crane

Police launched an investigation into the circumstances in which collapsed 70-metre crane on a construction site in bat Yam. As part of the investigation were arrested two the foreman of the construction site where there was an emergency.

The press service of police said that the managers responsible for the implementation of works at the construction site, were detained for questioning, not as suspects.

At about 16:20 to the office of the police and the ambulance service «Magen David Adom» received a message about the collapse of a crane at the construction site at the intersection of A-komemiyut and Neviim.

70-foot crane collapsed, blocking a carriageway A-komemiyut, and smashed a car. The man sitting in the car, received injuries of moderate severity.

The crane operator was seriously injured. Also injured two bystanders, including 9-year-old girl.

Industrial accident in bat Yam occurred on the background of the struggle of crane operators for their rights. February 1, more than 200 of the 1,200 machinists tower cranes resigned in protest against working conditions and pay levels. The basic requirements of crane operators – improving the level of safety of work, social benefits and increase salaries.

On 8 February, the General Federation of trade unions («Histadrut») announced on behalf of the operators of tower cranes the state of industrial conflict, allowing them to block construction in the country, if within 14 days will not be allowed the crisis in negotiations with the Association of construction contractors.

Police arrested the two foremen from the construction site in bat-Yam, on which the collapsed crane 13.02.2017

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