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Police from Umm al-Hiran will not appear before the court

Tuesday, August 8, it was reported that the policemen involved in the incident in the Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran, are not brought before the court. We will remind, on January 18 of this year in the riots that broke out in the village during the demolition of illegal buildings, killed 47-year-old Yacoub al-Kian and 34-the summer ensign of police special forces (YASAM) Erez levy.

Al-Kian was driving the car that hit two police officers. As a result of collision killed warrant officer Erez levy. Law enforcement officials claimed that levy was killed in the attack.

However, the result was checked another version, according to which the police and soldiers opened fire on the car before the driver sped off. According to this version, al-Kian could not prevent the collision, since due to a hole in the knee of his foot rested on the gas pedal, which led to the increase in vehicle speed and accidents.

It is reported that the version of events presented by the police was confirmed by the evidence from the scene. The Department of justice to investigate crimes committed by police officers (MAKHASH), said that the case is at the stage of validation for the decision.

During the investigation, in Makhash no suspicion that the police had committed a criminal offence. The investigation has been completed. Now the case materials will be submitted to the legal adviser of the government Avihay Mandelblit and the Prosecutor’s office.

Police from Umm al-Hiran will not appear before the court 08.08.2017

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