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Police identified the attacker as a Jew in Brooklyn

Police identified the suspect in the attack on a Jew in Brooklyn. According to the site Col, he has already been interrogated but not yet placed under arrest. NRG reports that he was arrested.

Suspect is African American. Israeli media reported that police believe the attack on Leiby Brickman, 25-year-old yeshiva student, a crime motivated by racial hatred.

The attack occurred two weeks ago in crown heights in Brooklyn. Brickman told police that was walking down the street and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. He was attacked by the man he, he said, had never seen before.

After reviewing the security camera near the scene, police saw fleeing the scene of an African-American with a bloody knife in his hand.

«The anti-defamation League» has appointed a remuneration in the amount of five thousand dollars for information about the offender.

The majority of the Jewish population of crown heights is the Hasidim of the CHABAD movement. In this same area is the famous office of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

We will remind that on 3 November 2015 . unknown man in the mask attacked David Katz, volunteer of a Jewish rescue organization «rescue personnel», who was not in the performance of official duties, and inflicted stab wounds. David Katz received a severe wound.

Police identified the attacker as a Jew in Brooklyn 26.02.2016

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