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Police preparing for Friday’s riots in Jaffa

Hundreds of police are preparing for possible riots in Jaffa on Friday, August 4. A week between local Arabs and police forces periodically clashes, which began at the funeral of 21-year-old Mahdi Alizade, who was shot by police.

On the night of July 29, Alsadi tried to escape on a motorcycle from the scene of the shooting, was seriously wounded by a police officer and died in the hospital. Department of the Ministry of justice to investigate crimes committed by police officers (MAKHASH), began a review of the incident.

In the afternoon of 29 July, the Jaffa riots broke out. Dozens of locals, whose faces were covered with scarves, threw stones and burned tires in the street Japhet and the intersection of the Hajj, Cahill. Were set ablaze four cars and several garbage containers.

During the incident, was beaten by fellow newsroom Second channel ITV, Gilad Shalmor and operator of Gal, Zitman.

On the night of July 30, police arrested eight suspected of involvement in the riots. On July 31, were detained five residents of Jaffa, 16-25 years, who are suspected in the arson of dumpsters in the city.

On 2 August, it was reported the arrest of another participant in the riots in Jaffa. According to police, the detained 26-year-old man burned tires and created obstacles to traffic. He also is accused of participation in an unauthorized mass event.

On 3 August the press-service of law enforcement agencies reported that the police placed in the street Japhet in Jaffa to maintain order, was attacked by a group of local residents. One of the participants in the riots were detained by police. The detainee has a brother Mahdi Alizade.

Late in the evening of 3 August in Jaffa renewed unrest. Residents of the Arab neighborhoods of the city outside of Japhet were burning tires, overturned and set fire to garbage cans, throwing rocks at police, broke Windows in shops and small stores.

The riots were attended by more than 300 people. To restore order to Japhet were sent additional police forces. The street was closed to traffic private and public transport.

Police preparing for Friday’s riots in Jaffa 04.08.2017

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