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Police, who became disabled in the attack, appealed to the Israelis for help

38-year-old police Tzipi Jovian, who became disabled in the attack, and her family appealed to the Israelis with a request for help. Tzipi spending in hospitals 10 months, can’t get back to the kids and my husband because the house in which her family, is not adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

A young woman tells journalists that the hospital and rehab she feels like in prison.

Beni Jovian, the husband of Tzipi, told the website «Mako», the house which would fit the needs of his wife, is from 5 to 6 million. The Ministry of defence is ready to allocate the family 1.9 million. But even after selling the apartment and taking the money from the Ministry of defence, the family can not gather the amount needed to buy a house.

Collected on the platform to GIVE BACK. The request for assistance has already responded to more than 700 people.

The attack, which was injured Tzipi occurred on the morning of September 19, 2016. In the region of the Flower gate of the Old city in Jerusalem 19-year-old Ayman al-Kurd was attacked from behind on two police officers, inflicting blows with a knife in the back and neck. Partner Tzipi Akobian managed to shoot the terrorist and neutralize him.

Tzipi Jovian was taken to hospital in critical condition. For several weeks she spent in a state of artificial coma. The doctors did not believe that it will be able to survive.

Only two months ago the mother of two children was transferred from the hospital to rehab. According to forecasts, it will never be able to walk again and be completely dependent on other people.

Monday, July 3, Tzipi Jacobian in a wheelchair was taken to court where took place hearings on the case of terrorist, which left her disabled.

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Police, who became disabled in the attack, appealed to the Israelis for help 04.07.2017

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