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Polish experts deny the existence of the «Nazi gold train»

Experts from the Mining Academy of Krakow argue that the «gold train Nazis», which allegedly found in the summer of this year the Citizen of Germany Andreas Richter and citizen of Poland Piotr Koper, never existed.

The statement Geology Professor Janusz Madej made at a press conference in Wałbrzych, quotes Wednesday, December 16, the news Agency France Press.

Professor madej argued that the presence of this train at a specified location would have resulted in a much stronger geomagnetic anomalies than exist in reality according to the data provided by railway administration for the branch, which connects wrocław and wałbrzych.

The train in question, presumably, disappeared in the end of the war, in 1945, on the way from Wroclaw (German name Breslau) in wałbrzych. At the end of August, the authorities of the Polish town of Walbrzych in lower Silesia province reported that they had contacted a law firm representing a German and a pole who claim to have discovered the train, disappeared in the end of the Second world war, which took away from the advancing Soviet army jewelry and weapons of the Nazis. Found the train demanded that the authorities compensation in the amount of 10% of the value of «treasure».

Immediately after the discovery of the train of the Arab website «Al-Diyar» said that in Switzerland a Jewish organization went to court with the requirement to give her the gold. In fact the report reveals that in the train are the jewels worth six billion dollars.

The Ministry of culture of Poland called reliable this information. Local media has said that missing the train belonged to the Wehrmacht, and the «Radio Wroclaw» reported that the train entered a 150-metre tunnel in the vicinity of the settlement of the książ castle and there disappeared without a trace. The tunnel was later closed, and its existence simply forgot.

However, the head of the Central Bank of Poland Marek Belka said that in his office nobody seriously reacted to the story of the train allegedly found with «Nazi gold».

This statement was made in response to a question about whether the gold found in the train, to add to the reserves of the Bank. The squirrel said: «I think no one even thought to discuss this issue seriously». «This is a clear deception,» said the head of the Central Bank.

Polish experts deny the existence of the «Nazi gold train» 16.12.2015

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