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Politico: billionaire betting on Adelson Senator from Florida Marco Rubio

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, one of the main sponsors of the Republican party, intend to support in the presidential race Senator from Florida Marco Rubio. Last week, Rubio called for casino Venetian Las Vegas owned Edelson, and during the meeting, which was attended by the advisers of the tycoon, Rob Goldstein and Patrick Dumont, discussed the dynamics of the presidential campaign of 2016.

It is reported on Tuesday, October 13, the website Politico.

Councillors noted that Adelson, which in 2012 spent on Republican candidates more than $ 100 million, has not yet made a final decision, but it is likely that he will bet on the Florida Senator. Officially this will be announced, believed to sources, before the end of this month.

According to the publication Forbes, the 82-year-old owner of a casino chain in Las Vegas, as well as the Israeli newspaper «Israel and Yom», is valued at 25.7 billion. Thus, support involves a very significant financial assistance to the chosen candidate.

Recall that Rubio, who earned a reputation as an ardent supporter of Israel, places the responsibility for the current situation in the Palestinian authority. He emphasizes the lack of unity among Palestinians themselves, and recalls that they twice rejected the peace proposal of the Israelis.

In may this year, Rubio gave an interview to PBS in the course of which touched upon the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying he currently does not see preconditions for the implementation of the principle of «two States for two peoples». «I don’t think today is the right time. Of course, this would be ideal, but the conditions for the realization of this project yet» – the Senator has formulated his point of view during the conversation with the host of Charlie rose.

«The most that we can hope for is that the PA leadership will be able to ensure a certain level of stability in its territory, but only with the advent of new leaders can develop the appropriate conditions», – quotes the words of Rubio to the Israeli newspaper ha’aretz.

The presidential candidate also said that his position on Iran is similar to the position of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – with the only difference that the Israeli Prime Minister «lives in close proximity to the Iranians,» the newspaper wrote The New York Times.

Rubio criticized the foreign policy of the present head of the White house of Barack Obama, saying that the lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic in the framework of the «nuclear» deal would lead to a nuclear race in the region, forcing Israel to take decisive action and end the regional war. Previously, the Senator tried to convince Congress to adopt an amendment to the law, according to which Iran should recognize Israel’s right to exist before it is signed any agreement on the nuclear issue.

Marco Antonio Rubio was born in Miami, Florida. His parents, Mario Rubio and Oria Garcia, in 1956, he moved from Cuba to the U.S. and became American citizens. Currently, the Senator from Florida and a favorite of the tea party Movement, according to the magazine Time, is in the Top 100 most influential people in the world

Note that the results of a survey commissioned by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, indicate that billionaire Republican Donald trump is losing the status of leader of the presidential race – his chances today are almost equal to the chances of election of a neurosurgeon-African American Ben Carson is 21% against 20%. This difference is within statistical error.

Politico: billionaire betting on Adelson Senator from Florida Marco Rubio 13.10.2015

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