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Politico: Why the Pope loves Putin

«Increasingly bellicose Vladimir Putin has found a new friend in the face of a peaceful man – the Pope», – the journalist writes Politico Jacopo Barigazzi.

The publication reports: August 20, cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of state, will travel to Moscow to meet with President Putin and the head of the ROC Patriarch Kirill. Is the next step in the increasingly close relationship that began in 2013, Pope Francis, Putin writing an open letter in objection to the US military intervention in Syria.

In the letter, «the Pope asked Putin to pray for him, and apparently, this phrase was moved by Putin,» said Andrea Riccardi, founder of the community of St. Giles. «This is a humanitarian organization, which sometimes serves as an unofficial offshoot of Vatican diplomacy,» explains the author.

The journalist commented: «This non-diplomatic letters request was a confession of Christian identity, which diligently cultivates Putin. Undoubtedly, Putin also praised the main idea of the message of the Pope, since the Kremlin was one of the most vociferous critics of US military action in Syria.»

In November of the same year and in June 2015, Putin met at the Vatican with Pope Francis.

«For Putin, a notable relationship with the Vatican — a chance to draw attention to Russia’s attempts to portray itself as the Bastion of morality and traditional values, contrasting with an increasingly secularized Europe», – the newspaper writes.

It’s also a way to demonstrate that the Kremlin is not in isolation, and to continue the relationship with Italy.

«For the Roman Catholic Church closer ties with Moscow – an opportunity to restore our presence after a century marked by the rise and decline of Communist ideology and forced atheism. In the Russian Constitution officially provides for freedom of religion, but this does not prevent the government make life difficult for all denominations except the Orthodox Church,» the article says.

«Some observers speculate that the visit Parolina may pave the way for the first ever visit of a Catholic Pope to Moscow, but most analysts believe that this is unlikely due to resistance from the Orthodox,» writes the author.

However, the Pope’s visit were in harmony with his desire «to unite the Christians,» says Jacopo Scaramuzzi, the expert of the website Vatican Insider.

«Christians in the middle East mostly approve of the fact that Russia supports Syrian President Assad. This theme is expected to occupy an important place in the program of the meeting Parolina with Putin», – writes the edition.

Christians in the middle East close to the Russian Orthodox Church, says a columnist for Il Foglio Matteo Marcuzzi: «And when in this region, the Christians threatened the Holy see, may well belong to the Russian contingent that is trying to protect them».

«One of the subjects of friction may be the aggression of Russia in Ukraine», – the author writes. «Francis has described the conflict as a «fratricidal war» and laid the blame on both sides. This angered the Greek Catholics living in the Ukraine» – writes the author.

Politico: Why the Pope loves Putin 11.08.2017

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