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Poll: 65% of the Jews in Latin America are afraid of becoming victim of a terrorist attack

The results of a survey conducted last week, the Latin American Jewish Congress, the regional branch of the world Jewish Congress, through the consulting firm Poliarquia Consultores, indicate that 65% of the Jews living in the countries of South America, fear of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack.

In this study were interviewed 322 Jewish leaders from 14 countries in Latin America, wrote on Monday, July 3, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

The article notes that among the leaders of the Jewish communities of Latin America, this figure rises to 90%, and the fact that Argentina already has experienced two terrorist attacks, which killed many Jews: attack on Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 that killed 29 people, and the attack at the Jewish community center in the same city (AMIA), which killed 84 people and wounded more than 300.

Jewish leaders believe that their communities are a priority terrorist targets, but at the same time, I believe that in their countries the Jews don’t have to hide their nationality and religious affiliation.

The views of the Jews in Latin America relative to the position of the current President of the US, Israel divided: 40% think trump will help to strengthen the security of the Jewish state, and 40% that it impedes the peace process in the middle East and causing the most harm to Israel.

82% of leaders of Jewish communities in Latin America believe that the implementation of the principle of «two States for two peoples» will put an end to the terrorist activities of the Islamists.

Poll: 65% of the Jews in Latin America are afraid of becoming victim of a terrorist attack 03.07.2017

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