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Poll: bomb the city where Aladdin lived, or to accept refugees?

The results of a survey conducted by the American company WPA Research suggests that about half of supporters of the Democratic party is ready to accept refugees from the fictional city of Agraba, where he lived Aladdin from the eponymous cartoon Walt Disney.

In this study were surveyed over a thousand people: 44% of them expressed readiness to grant asylum to the inhabitants of the fictional town, 27% were against, and 28% reported that they did not have opinions about it.

WPA Research notes that most actively support the idea of refugee young Democrats aged 18-34 years.

Earlier this month the company Public Policy Polling conducted a similar survey in which respondents were asked whether they are ready to bomb the fictional city of Agraba.

30% of the electorate of the Republican party are in favour of the strikes against him, 57% do not believe in the feasibility of the bombing. Among Democrats for military intervention of Washington spoke only 19% and 36% of respondents opposed military action.

Poll: bomb the city where Aladdin lived, or to accept refugees? 27.12.2015

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