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Poll: Duke’s plan to resolve the conflict have received the greatest approval among the supporters of NDI and the «Likud»

According to resulttemplate conducted by the Israeli democracy Institute in conjunction with tel Aviv University, 62% of Israelis support the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority, however, only 29% of them believe that negotiations will lead to peace in the coming years.

The vast majority of Israelis (70%) want to have a meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas. At the same time 63% of Israelis do not believe the statements made by Abbas that he offered Netanyahu a meeting, but he refused. Among the Jews those who do not believe in this statement Abbas, 72%.

The authors of the survey also asked the participants to Express their opinion about the plan of the head of the opposition Isaac Herzog, who said that we need to separate from the largest possible number of Palestinians. For this purpose, according to the head of the «Zionist camp», you should build a wall which will separate Jerusalem from its surrounding Arab villages.

Overall, 41.5% of respondents agree with the plan of the Duke, and 52 percent are opposed. But if we break respondents into supporters of certain political parties, according to the poll, an interesting pattern emerged: among the electorate «Zionist camp» plan for Duke’s support 49% of the respondents and against the plan are 43%, while among the electorate NDI and the «Likud» for the Duke plan are 78% and 64%, respectively.

The majority of supporters of political parties, MERETZ and the «Bayt Yehudi» oppose initiatives of the Duke (75% and 55% respectively).

A survey by The Peace Index is conducted by the democracy Institute and tel Aviv University once a month since 1994.

The press service of the Institute for democracy at the request of the editorial explain the structure of the respondents, replied that in January the survey involved 600 respondents. To ensure the representativeness of the sample, the percentage of supporters of each party among the respondents was consistent with the success of the party in the elections to the Knesset, 20th convocation.

If the survey were not involved, respondents who did not vote for the parties that entered the Knesset on 20-th convocation, the composition of survey participants was: 150 respondents — supporters of the «Likud», 120 — «the Zionist camp», 65 United Arab list, 55 — «Yesh Atid», 45 — «Kulan», 40 — «Bayt Yehudi», 30 — NDI, 30 — SHAS, 30 «Jadot a-Torah», 25 — MERETZ.

Poll: Duke’s plan to resolve the conflict have received the greatest approval among the supporters of NDI and the «Likud» 02.02.2016

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