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Poll: more than half of scientists in different countries of the world believe in God

The results of extensive research conducted by members of rice University, Texas, refute stereotypes that scientific thinking is opposed to religious beliefs. According to the findings, more than half of scientists from France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and USA called themselves believers and stated that they see no problem in this for their professional activities.

Edition of N+1 says that this is especially true of physicists and biologists studying the origin of man and the Universe.

In this work, the researchers interviewed 9.422 people of different gender, age, religious belief and status, and the results of the initial survey were selected by 600 scientists involved detailed surveys.

Sociologists have tried to discover how religious views influenced the decision of respondents to do research, how faith affects their work, it determines whether decisions made during the research, as well as relations with students and colleagues.

The results showed that 54% of scientists from Hong Kong, 57% from Italy, 74% of Taiwanese, 79% in India and 85% from Turkey consider themselves to be religious. Atheist scientists predominate only in France.

Interestingly, in Hong Kong call themselves believers 39% of scientists, while among the population of religious traditions adhere to only 20%. The same pattern is observed in Taiwan, where 54% of scientists are religious, and in the General population these people are 44%.

Recall the words of the founder of modern physics Isaac Newton: «amazing device space and harmony in it can be explained only by the fact that the cosmos was created according to the plan Omniscient and omnipotent Being. Here is my first and last word.»

Poll: more than half of scientists in different countries of the world believe in God 08.12.2015

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