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Poll: most Westerners have a feeling the Third world

The results of a survey conducted by YouGov, suggests that most residents of developed countries of the West feel the approaching Third world war, writes in the Sunday, January 8, leading British newspaper The Independent.

In this study were interviewed 9,000 people in nine countries. The main threats to peace respondents called the war in Syria, which brings together the world’s superpower and the terrorist group ISIS, operating in the middle East, rampant terrorist attacks and presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, «leading a tough game.»

Most clearly I feel a military threat, according to the survey, citizens of the United States, followed in descending order by France, Germany and the UK, whose residents also are very pessimistic.

64% of Americans believe that the world is approaching in the great war, only 15% find this scenario unlikely. In the UK, this ratio is 61% against 19%.

The moderate optimism shown by the inhabitants of the Nordic countries – Sweden, Finland and Norway – 45% feel military threat, 39% do not feel it.

Anthony wells, Director of YouGov, says that the pessimism of Americans associated with the unpredictability of Donald trump, who will lead the January 20 White house, while the French are scared by a series of bloody terrorist attacks in their own country, as well as Russian aggression.

Similar surveys conducted in Europe and America, show that their inhabitants see the threat and militarism of the Kremlin. This opinion is shared by 71% of British and 59% of Americans, the latter, as the article says, is much more optimistic about Russia than the Europeans.

81% of French citizens believe that the attacks will continue in the coming year, only 11% of the French don’t think so. Roughly the same ratio observed in Germany and the UK. At the same time, 63% of inhabitants of Finland, who has not yet faced a direct threat of terrorist attacks, believe that they are not threatened, the opposite opinion is shared by only 26% of the country’s citizens.

Poll: most Westerners have a feeling the Third world

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