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Poll: Pepper and Gabay will bring the «Labor party» the same number of mandates

If elections to the Knesset of 21st convocation took place today, Amir Peretz and AVI Gabay as chairmen of the party «Avoda» would bring her the same number of mandates. This follows from a survey conducted on Wednesday, June 5, the order of the site Walla. It clarifies the issue, both candidates would have received 18 seats.

Meanwhile, this result is worse than in the last election showed the party «the Zionist camp», which received 24 of the mandate. However, this is more than could be of «Avoda» of its suspended Chairman Isaac Herzog.

In the survey Walla took part 722 of Respondent: 572 of them – Jews, 150 — Arabs.

The second channel ITV also conducted a survey, which involved 500 respondents from different sectors of Israeli society. He showed that in the case of elections to the Knesset, the gap between the results of Peretz and GABA will be only one mandate.

According to the survey, if AVI Gabay will be the head of the labor party, the party will gain 14 seats. If the party will be headed by Amir Peretz, she will gain 15 seats.

In the first round of the primaries in the «Labor party» was won by Amir Peretz, which received 32.7% votes, AVI Gabay scored 27%, while Isaac Herzog – 17%. However, since none of the candidates to win 40% of the vote, July 10 second round, during which the Pepper and Gabay will continue to fight for the seat of party Chairman.

Poll: Pepper and Gabay will bring the «Labor party» the same number of mandates 06.07.2017

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