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Polls: 49%-53% believe the police in the cases against Netanyahu, Likud 26-27 mandates

Several media published the results of polls conducted on the day following the publication by the police recommendations to prosecute Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges.

According to a poll of TV «Sieves» (13th), held by the company «Sarid», 49% of respondents trust the police and only 25% believe the Prime Minister. Another 26% do not know who to believe.

However, only 17% believe that Netanyahu needs to temporarily leave his post and another 10% have no opinion on this issue. According to this survey, 73% of respondents believe that the head of government should remain at his post.

A survey conducted by Camille Fuchs for news service the Tenth channel ITV (14th), showed that the police is trusted by 53% and 13% do not have a definite opinion. 34% believe the police is involved in plotting the coup.

Interestingly, the publication of the recommendations had little impact on public opinion. Only 12% of respondents stated that their position regarding the suspicions against the Prime Minister changed after this publication.

50% of the respondents think that Netanyahu should resign or temporarily leave office, 42% believe that it can continue to operate as usual.

Despite the release, headed by Netanyahu, the Likud party according to this survey, gaining 27 seats, three more than in the previous survey. The party’s star witness, Yair Lapid’s «Yesh Atid» is gaining 25 seats, the «Zionist camp» headed by AVI Gabem – 16 mandates, and Jewish home, and United Arab list – 11 mandates, MERETZ and «yaadut-Torah» – 7 mandates, Yisrael Beiteinu – 6 mandates, «Kulanu» and SHAS – 5 mandates.

The survey Mines tsemakh by request of TV company «Keshet» (12-button) shows that 48% of respondents insist on the resignation of the Prime Minister, and 35% believe neither Netanyahu nor Lapid (35% believe that telling the truth Lapid, and 30% Netanyahu).

The balance of mandates according to this poll: Likud – 26, «Yesh Atid» – 22, «the Zionist camp» – 15, United Arab list 12, «Bayt Yehudi» – 11, «Kulanu» – 9, «yaadut-Torah» – 7, NDI – 6, SHAS and MERETZ, 5 seats.

Polls: 49%-53% believe the police in the cases against Netanyahu, Likud 26-27 mandates 15.02.2018

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