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Polls: after winning GABA «Zionist camp» bypasses «Yesh Atid»

On Tuesday evening, July 11, the Second and Tenth channels published the results of surveys conducted after the victory of AVI GABA on elections of the head of the party «Avoda». Note that the surveys were conducted on the background of suspects detained in the case of 3000, among which are those close to the Prime Minister.

According to the survey, conducted by institutions «Midgam» and Panels Politics for the ordering of the Second channel ITV, if elections to the Knesset 21 convocation was held today, Likud would win 25 mandates and the «Zionist camp» headed by AVI Gabaim, would have scored 20. «Yesh Atid» gaining this survey 18 seats, «Bayt Yehudi», and the United Arab list – for 13. «Kulanu» is gaining 8 seats, «yaadut-Torah» – 7, «Israel Our home» — 6 and SHAS and MERETZ, 5 seats.

The survey data indicate not only about the expected rise of the «Zionist camp», but a slight easing of the right-religious bloc. The parties that form the current coalition, gaining 63 seats instead of 65, they have 20 Knesset convocation.

Answering the question about who of the candidates, best fits the requirements of the post of Prime Minister, respondents put in first place by a wide margin Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He gave the preference, 34% of respondents. 13% believe that more suited for the position of head of the government of AVI Gabay, 12% said Yair Lapid, and 6% Naftali Bennett.

The survey, commissioned by the Tenth channel ITV, suggests that the right camp was not only damaged, but also slightly increased after the election GABA. According to this poll, Likud is gaining 29 mandates the «Zionist camp» – 24, «Yesh Atid» – 16, «Bayt Yehudi» – 14, United Arab list – 8, «Israel Our home» – 7, «Kulanu» and «yaadut-Torah» – 6, MERETZ and SHAS – 5 mandates.

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Polls: after winning GABA «Zionist camp» bypasses «Yesh Atid» 12.07.2017

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