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Polls: Jews and US Muslims prefer Democrats, and trump is an outsider

The results of the survey conducted on March 24 by the Institute of sociological research Gallup indicate that the favorites of the Jewish community in passing today, the U.S. campaign are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders candidate from the Democratic party.

Interestingly, in this population the Senator from Vermont Sanders is ahead of the leader of the race – former Secretary of state and former first lady of America Clinton in the ratio of 61% to 60%. While Sanders on a post of the head of the White house don’t want to see 30% and Clinton with 35%.

The Republican party has the greatest popularity among the Jews is the Governor of Ohio John following keysik, which is ready to support 45%, and 28% are not ready. The results of the primaries, the chances of Kasika on this post is minimal.

According to this poll, the leader of the election race, Donald trump received just 24% support, 72% of the representatives of the Jewish community categorically does not want to see him President. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz showed even worse results – 72% vs. 20%.

The study not specified statistical error, it is noted that the respondents had a large number of respondents.

The same article States that 24% of all Americans believe that the U.S. should move its Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize the last capital, 20% disagree and 56% stated that they do not have sufficient knowledge to formulate a clear position on this issue.

Note that the results of a survey conducted by the Institute for social policy and understanding, indicate that both Jews and Muslims are more likely to support Democrats than Republicans.

44% of Muslims have expressed willingness to vote for a democratic candidate, 41% independent, and only 6% would support the Republican. Among Jews 50% support of Democrats, 29% independents and 16% of Republicans. The statistical error of this survey is 7 points.

The voices of Catholics were divided in the ratio of 34%, 34% and 31%, while Protestants prefer the Republicans. – 25%, 24% and 47%

Polls: Jews and US Muslims prefer Democrats, and trump is an outsider 28.03.2016

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