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«Pornocore» Michael Lucas called Nazis and anti-Semitic BDS activists

One of the leading producers of the American «adult film» Michael Lucas has called the actions of the activists Pro-Palestinian BDS movement, trying to disrupt the Israeli delegation will also participate in LGBT conference in Chicago, «pure anti-Semitism,» reports the website of the newspaper Haaretz.

Founder of Lucas Entertainment has compared the activists shouting insulting slogans in the appearance of the Israelites at this conference, with a crowd of Nazis.

Lucas also criticized the organizers of the conference, who not only did not stop the BDS campaign, but, in his opinion, would condone this speech. He recalled that the Israeli delegation will also participate at first it was cancelled, and though the organizers later gave consent to the participation of the Israelis, they have not prevented the anti-Semitic BDS actions.

Michael Lucas was born March 10, 1972 in Russia, under the name of Andrei Treivas, in an intellectual Jewish family. Grew up and studied in Moscow, received a law degree. In 1995, the year he went to Germany, then to France, where he began working as a model, participated in TV programs and starred for the European magazines.

Own production company, Lucas created in 1998. In Russia Andrei Treivas called the «king of new York porn», and in new York, emphasizing the «Russian» roots, «king of porn for gay men». Lucas Entertainment brings its Creator not only fun, but also millions of dollars net income each year.

His company created the big-budget film in the history of the genre – shot inspired by Federico Fellini «the Sweet life of Michael Lucas» at a cost of 250,000 dollars. But Michael believes his main work started in 2009 the series «Men of Israel», which became the first homosexual pornostream, which involves only the Israelis.

Lucas is well known as an influential commentator in the field of politics and culture. His columns in publications such as The Advocate, has often caused serious public debate. He also speaks at universities and participates in discussions.

In 2006, Michael came to Israel to support the Jewish state in the days of the Second Lebanon war. He met with soldiers of the IDF and visited the victims of rocket attacks from the areas. The IDF is one of the few armies in the world, where as other are homosexuals who do not conceal their orientation. In August 2014, shortly before the end of operation protective edge in Gaza, Lucas was again visited Israel, and later appeared in the media in support of the actions of the IDF.

According to Lucas, the capitulation of Europe to radical Islam threatens the world in a new Holocaust. He does not get tired to remind that according to the Quran, homosexuality is punishable by death, as in Nazi concentration camps homosexuals were destroyed along with the Jews.

In 2011, in an interview with Lucas said: «Israeli society is very open, because those who long pursued, usually sympathetic to the problems of other minorities, such as gays. And it says a lot about Israeli society as a whole.»

«Pornocore» Michael Lucas called Nazis and anti-Semitic BDS activists 03.02.2016

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