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Poroshenko: the threat of war with Russia has increased. Review of the Russian media

The article, published on the front page of the newspaper «Kommersant», is called so: «the Threat of open war is higher than last year.» It States that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave an interview to the German newspaper Bild, in which he assessed the chances of the transition the situation in the Donbass in full-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Accusing Moscow of failure of the Minsk agreements, Poroshenko said that Ukraine is about 8,000 Russian soldiers.

«Russia is investing a lot in the preparations for war, and we don’t get on this occasion no explanation,» said the Ukrainian President, adding that on the Ukrainian border, the Russian military base. Poroshenko also said that Kyiv insists on diplomatic settlement of the conflict, but Ukraine is open for the supply of arms from Germany.

Today in Moscow will pass Russian-Norwegian inter-Ministerial consultations, during which the parties will attempt to agree on the fate of nearly 5,000 migrants who have crossed last year the Russian-Norwegian border in search of asylum in Norway. Why most of them will be asylum is granted and what are the barriers to bring them back to Russia, told Kommersant» was told by the Ambassador of Norway in Moscow leidulv namtvedt.

«We believe that Russia is generally a safe country, therefore, unlike Syria or Yemen and believe it is possible to return applicants for asylum in Russia if they arrived from there. Therefore, our position is that Russia should take back into its territory, firstly, those refugees who have a visa, a temporary residence permit. And secondly, those who had single entry visa, even if this visa has expired, as the border of Norway and, consequently, the Schengen area, they crossed illegally. We believe that the single entry visa is sufficient grounds for readmission,» explains the Norwegian Ambassador.

Under the pretext of increased terrorist threat, the Turkish authorities ordered civil servants to report to the security agencies of the country about colleagues who harass the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan or other high-ranking officials. While talking about the initiative of the authorities of the province of Isparta. But because Ankara has not been officially condemn the call for civil servants to «knock» on each other, it’s «democratic initiative», apparently, will pick up the rest of the regions, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the newspaper Zaman.

In a letter signed by the Vice-Governor of Isparta Fevzi the Courage on behalf of the Governor of the province Vahdettin Ozkan, contains the requirement for public servants to inform the security authorities about all the cases of public insults and accusations of the President and other senior Turkish officials to accept the «relevant legal procedures» against the persons who committed such offenses.

The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the statement of my British colleague, Philip Hammond, who claimed that Russian military action in Syria is fanning the conflict in that country. «These statements are unfounded, we are used to them», – he told reporters in Abu Dhabi. According to the Russian Minister, he and Hammond meet at the sidelines of different forums, and no specific claims British counterpart he had made, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In Crimea there were auctions where representatives of the Federation of trade unions of Tatarstan for 1.4 billion rubles bought the complex of the sanatorium «foros, before nationalization belonged to the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, reports the newspaper «Izvestia».

The initial cost of «foros» was 1 billion 421.5 million rubles. The step of auction was set at 5%, but then decreased to 0.5%. In the end, the trade Union offered the sanatorium 1 billion to 428.6 million. This amount was the final price.

In July 2015 the representatives of the DND said about filing a lawsuit to Russia «on the protection of lost in Crimea investment.» Moscow these claims refused to admit. Money from the sale of «foros» will pay Crimeans who «suffered from the actions of banks of Ukraine»

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» accuses the distortion of facts other media that published the news that Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has allegedly agreed to play Putin in a new movie called «the President».

«This project is prepared for nine months. And not related to interview Leonardo DiCaprio German newspaper in which he admitted that he wants to play Putin, Rasputin and Lenin. But someone linked this interview with the decision of our company to make a film about the Russian President. Information about the film «the President» for almost a year is on the resource IMDb and on the website of Knights bridge Entertainment. Who will act in the role of Vladimir Putin, who is the image of the second hero, who’s the Director, who’s the producer, we’ll tell you everything, but later» – the edition quotes the words of one of the leaders of the company Knights bridge Entertainment, who informed about this project.

Poroshenko: the threat of war with Russia has increased. Review of the Russian media 03.02.2016

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