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Poroshenko wants to help the U.S. in Syria. Review of the Russian media

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has published in his Instagram video with the Chairman of the Party of people’s freedom (PARNAS) Mikhail Kasyanov in the sniper crosshairs and the caption «Who do not understand, will understand!», wrote on Monday the newspaper «Kommersant».

The Chairman of PARNASSUS Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., who is also present in the video, said that they with mister Kasyanov considers that publication «as a direct incitement to murder» and will be referred to law enforcement. Kasyanov believes that the Russian President Vladimir Putin should speak out on the situation with Kadyrov, to appease the public. Earlier the head of Chechnya urged to treat non-systemic opposition as enemies of the people and traitors who «should be judged on all severity for their subversive activities.»

Saudi Arabia intensifies the damaging action of the Arab «oil weapon» that can not only be a strong argument in favor of participation in the impending negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria loyal to Riyadh forces and to curb Iran, but also to respond outside the Middle East – in Russia, according to the same magazine.

Saudi oil weapon now aimed not at Russia but at Iran –Russia goes «the campaign». However, if the upcoming negotiations on Syria will not lead to truce, then Saudi Arabia might well turn its attention, for example, to the Russian North Caucasus, according to a published «Kommersant» extensive analytical article.

Kiev has prepared a number of options, how can Ukraine help to the Americans in fighting ISIS, including in Syria, where they can be involved Ukrainian troops. About it writes «the Russian newspaper» refers to British sources, which claim that the move «will lead to a clash with the Russians.»

Later in this article States that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in respect of which the edition does not skimp on pejorative epithets, allegedly promised to the Vice — President of the United States Joe Biden «Ukraine’s readiness to provide maximum support for the coalition forces in Syria.»

«Aspromtrans informal leakage of information about the readiness of Ukraine to join the US-led international coalition, Poroshenko expects in any event to stay in the win. As for the leader of the state, which, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev, in fact, is «under external administration», a promotion from Washington means a lot. And most importantly, it guarantees the preservation of the Poroshenko government, at least for a while,» says the author.

The article published by «Independent newspaper», called the «Three baskets for the Middle East». This material claims that how the situation will develop in the region, depends largely on the future of the entire system of international relations.

«Go hard search for a solution to problems such as years of civil war in Syria, the settlement of internal conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, the resurgence of Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In the region, emerging new, highly dangerous forms of international terrorism, unprecedented migration flows are growing, creating numerous problems for neighboring countries and entire continents. Meanwhile, while each of these challenges they all ultimately are manifestations of the fundamental crisis of security and statehood in the middle East,» says the author.

He notes that the dominant trend in current discussions of the problems of the Middle East as in the West and in Russia can be described as the triumph of pessimism. It is believed that the region is entering a historically long period of instability, multiple conflicts, redrawing state borders, social and economic shocks.
«Izvestiya» argued with reference to the German magazine Spiegel that girl Lisa from Berlin supposedly undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital after her within 30 hours raped by unknown. A schoolgirl complained to mother’s poor mental health at the beginning of last week. After that, the family made the decision to place the child in the hospital. «My daughter bad. Monday she is undergoing inpatient psychiatric treatment», – the edition quotes the words of the girl’s mother.

Anatoly Wasserman, recently awarded Russian citizenship, plans to become a Deputy of the state Duma. The scholar said that I could stand from «United agro-industrial party» headed by former Vice-President of the Russian Federation Alexander Rutskoi.

«It has recently been reconstructed on the basis of several other parties. At various times I have successfully collaborated with several leaders of these parties, I think there I will find what to do now,» Wasserman told the radio station «Moscow speaking».

Poroshenko wants to help the U.S. in Syria. Review of the Russian media 01.02.2016

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