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Possible cause of the fire at Grenfell Tower – faulty refrigerator in the apartment of one of tenants

The cause of the fire at Grenfell Tower is a residential building located in the West of the British capital, has become faulty fridge one of the occupants – the taxi driver Behailu Kebede, 44 years, a native of Ethiopia who lived on the fourth floor in apartment number 16.

About it writes on Thursday, June 15, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

41-year-old Marianne Adam, who lived in apartment No. 14, told reporters that on Wednesday at about 13:00 Kebede knocked on her door and said that his fridge was on fire. In the doorway of a neighbor’s apartment she saw the flames, but nothing, she said, did not promise such large-scale tragedy.

But Kebede was very scared – he raised the alarm, called the police and fled from a burning apartment to a friend of asylum.

The British media continue to write about the tragedy in London, where he completely burned the 120-apartment high-rise building Grenfell Tower. To date, officially confirmed the death of 17 people, including many children. The names of the dead press not yet divulge, but published the names of «missing».

Firefighters believe that no one who is listed today in the missing, did not survive. They believe that in the course of search operations the number of victims will exceed 100 people.

Danny cotton, head of fire service of London, said that the search for victims on the upper floors of the burned buildings have not yet carried out – the building still stays, a day after the fire and may collapse, which will lead to new victims. A full investigation, she said, will take at least several weeks.

David Lammy, member of British Parliament from the labour party, predicts that the number of deaths will increase to several hundred people. He calls this tragedy «corporate murder» and demands to arrest the culprits.

The scene of the tragedy visited on Thursday the head of the UK government Theresa may, who promised to conduct a full investigation. She noted that Ministers have repeatedly warned about the danger of ignition of plastic cladding materials of the building which are capable in case of fire «to turn into a living hell», but they ignored the advice of experts.

In particular, in the late 90-ies of the last century, the Ministry of internal Affairs received a report that fire service reported that the structure of the building do not meet basic standards, and bluntly warned of the danger of large-scale fire, but no action has been taken.

To date, the citizens of great Britain have collected over a million pounds, which will go to help the victims. Major contributions were made by members of the Royal family – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Possible cause of the fire at Grenfell Tower – faulty refrigerator in the apartment of one of tenants

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