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Posted a video of the destruction on 7 February, the U.S. air force T-72 tank in Syria

The American edition of Business Insider published a video of air strikes of the international coalition headed by the USA with Pro-government forces in the Syrian province of Deir AZ-Zour on 7 February, when, according to media reports, killed Russian mercenaries. This video shows the destruction of the T-72.

The same video, and the recording of the attack on foreign fighters in Syria published by the American television channel CNN.

The Pentagon said that coalition together with the «Syrian democratic forces» defended against «unprovoked attack».

Russian state news Agency RIA Novosti quotes the statement of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, according to which one of the causes of the incident was that the militia did not coordinate their plans with Moscow.

While the defense Ministry accuses the Americans in an effort to «grab the economic assets of the Arab Republic (Syria)».

According to information published earlier, the collision occurred in the area, currently controlled by Kurdish armed groups have established control over the oil fields, which were operated earlier by militants of the «Islamic state». It was reported that from this district the Kurds tried to oust the forces of Pro-government militias, among which were Russian mercenaries who are not formally soldiers of the Russian army. The Kurds sought clarification from the Russian side, got a reply that the Russian army for this operation is irrelevant, and appealed for support to the us military, which attacked the enemies of the Kurds.

On 12 February, the news Agency RIA Novosti reported that in Syria, with air strikes of the international coalition led by the US killed an activist of the Other Russia Kirill Ananev. About this informed the coordinator of the organization Alexander Averin. According to Averina, Ananiev, who «were not military personnel officially» previously fought as a volunteer in the Donbass, and then went to Syria.

Investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) on 12 February published the names of Russians killed in Syria February 7, in the air strikes of the international anti-terrorist coalition under the command of the United States. Killed Aleksey Ladygin from Ryazan, Vladimir Loginov from Khabarovsk, as well as Stanislav Matveyev and Igor Asaturov from the city of Asbest in Sverdlovsk region, according to CIT, he served in the Russian unregistered private military company «Wagner», noted the website of «Novaya Gazeta».

We will remind that in the night of 8 February, the press service of the US-led Western coalition reported on a major clash, which involved the us military. The report said that the Syrian troops and their allies tried to attack the headquarters of the Kurdish Union democratic forces in the zone of de-escalation, located on the East Bank of the Euphrates. The Americans said that the attack involved about 500 soldiers, acting with the support of tanks T-72 and T-54, as well as artillery and mortar fire. When the radius of a mile from the headquarters exploded 20-30 rounds, they called for reinforcement. «The militia and the U.S. troops requested artillery and air support. According to our estimates, destroyed at least 100 supporters of the Syrian regime,» – said the representative of the coalition, adding that it was about self-defence.

None of the American soldiers was hurt. As the representative of the Western coalition Colonel Thomas Veale, one of the Kurdish militiaman was injured.

In the comments it was noted that the Assad regime seeks to establish control over the oil field, located in the district of Kusama. The field, which became one of the main sources of income of ISIS, was liberated by the Kurds in September 2017.

The us military is not specified, participated in the attack as Shiite fighters and the Russian mercenaries. However, the possible participation of the Russians hired private companies were given special attention.

Later, the Russian media published information about losses during the clashes. But the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation stated that the Russian troops in the area on 7-8 February. The real losses among the Russians participating in this battle are unknown.

The former leader of the Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine Igor Strelkov (Girkin) wrote on February 10 on their Facebook page about the hundreds of dead and wounded Russians from the battle group «Wagner.» But documentary evidence regarding such losses were reported.

Details about this incident and the rumors about the death of many Russians, the newspaper «Novye Izvestia».

Posted a video of the destruction on 7 February, the U.S. air force T-72 tank in Syria 14.02.2018

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