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Potential competitors Netanyahu in the Likud expressed support for Prime Minister

Former education Minister and interior Minister Gideon Saar issued a statement regarding the investigation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

«In 1999, Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed me to be the Secretary to his government. Since then we work together for the good of the state – often in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, but in moments of disagreements kept the commonality of our Outlook. Members of Likud, as well as ordinary citizens, it is not easy these days to hear news. I still hope and wish the Prime Minister to successfully pass this difficult life’s journey. And in the words of the late Menachem begin, self-evident, too, should be uttered. Guilt or innocence is established in court. Not on television and not in the headlines. There’s no reason the Prime Minister to resign, and it would be absolutely wrong,» the statement said Gideon Saar.

Note that Gideon Saar is considered one of the main candidates for the post of head of the Likud after will end the political career of Benjamin Netanyahu.

On 6 August a similar statement was made to another possible successor to Netanyahu, Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz. «You should let Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to carry out its work on the basis of the mandate it received from citizens. In the state of the law and in a democratic social system from the position of Prime Minister is not excluded on the basis of a headline in the media, and after demonstrations or sketchy information about the investigation. I put my trust in the Prime Minister and wish him to the impending «storm clouds» were dispelled as soon as possible. I’m sure the law enforcement system will perform their work in a professional manner and responsibly. This will allow the state of Israel and continue to function properly and cope with standing in front of him a difficult task».

Internal security Minister Gilad Erdan, who is also considered a possible candidate to head the Likud, said: «the Prime Minister responsibly and professionally manages state and want to support it on the background of political attacks on him, receiving the support of the media. Allegations that the Prime Minister is guilty until, until proven back are monstrous, and they have no place in a democratic society».

Despite public statements in support of the Prime Minister, environment Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feared the pressure from intraparty opposition to force the Prime Minister to leave his post in the case of the filing of the indictment. On the eve of the Tenth channel ITV has published the survey results which indicate that Likud under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu is gaining fewer seats (29) than under the direction of any of the possible successors (31). According to the same survey, more than half of Israelis (51%) do not trust the Prime Minister, 27 per cent are convinced that Netanyahu is telling the truth about the ongoing investigations against it, 22% — are unable to determine the answer.

66% of respondents said that Netanyahu was obliged to leave the post of Prime Minister in case against him will be served the indictment. 21% of respondents answered that the head of the government should finalize before the end of term. 13% are unable to determine the answer.

9 August in tel Aviv will host the event activists of the «Likud» in support of the Prime Minister. The initiator of the event is the head of a coalition government David Bitan. As it became known, at least two Ministers will be absent.

Previously David Bitan threatened deputies and Ministers from the «Likud» abstain from public demonstrations of support for Netanyahu, that they take in the upcoming primaries. A source in the Likud, who is close to Netanyahu, accused in an interview with their colleagues of cowardice.

Note that under current law the Prime Minister can remain in his post until the trial is completed. In case of withdrawal of the head of government to resign, the ruling party chooses new leader, who must be a Knesset member, and he receives the mandate to form a new government. If he chooses not to or fails to form a coalition, as happened to Tzipi Livni in 2008 after the resignation of Ehud Olmert, announced early elections. In the Likud suggesting that the investigation against Netanyahu and discuss the case with Prosecutor and legal Advisor to the government will last for several months, and then the decision will be made not more than one year prior to the date of the elections to the Knesset 21 convocation.

Potential competitors Netanyahu in the Likud expressed support for Prime Minister 07.08.2017

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