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Precedent: with the family of a Palestinian terrorist demanded compensation to victims

The office of the district attorney of Jerusalem has filed a civil suit against the wife and children of a Palestinian terrorist, convicted in the death of four IDF soldiers, whom he killed during the «road attack» committed in the Metropolitan area of Armon neighborhood.

About it writes on Monday, July 3, the Israeli newspaper «gaarets».

This case called the article «precedent», is the first attempt to collect from the families of terrorist financial compensation in favor of the families of his victims. The plaintiffs demand 572.000 shekels for each of the victims, as well as reimbursement for the funeral, headstone and state payments to families.

Recall that on 8 January this year there was a terrorist attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon neighborhood. Truck Mercedes with Israeli license plates drove onto the sidewalk and began to push the military, which shortly before he left the bus.

Within 20-25 seconds of the car to maneuver on the sidewalk, bumping into soldiers, and stopped only when the driver was destroyed opened fire and IDF soldiers.

The attack killed four soldiers: Lieutenant Yael Yekutiel (20 years) from giv’atayim, W jajaj (22) of mA’ale Adumim,Shira Tzur (20 years old) from Haifa, Erez Orbach (20 years) from the settlement of Alon Shvut. They were all promoted in rank posthumously

In addition, 17 people received injuries of varying severity.

Behind the truck was driven by 28-year-old Fadi al-Qunbar, who lived in the Jerusalem neighborhood Dzhabal Mukabr located in the neighbourhood of Armon neighborhood. The terrorist had Israeli ID.

The press service of «Institute of Yad Ben Zvi» reported that the attack was carried out when the guides this organization, dedicated to the study of Israel and the dissemination of knowledge about the country among the Israelites, was carried out on the observation deck Armon neighborhood event, which was attended by about 300 soldiers of the IDF.

In the statement of claim the Prosecutor’s office stated that the document aims not only to recover from the families of the terrorist value of all costs and compensation for the loss of loved ones, but to give a clear signal: the government will continue to resolve such cases at the level of civil claims.

Precedent: with the family of a Palestinian terrorist demanded compensation to victims

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