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Prepared to vote the bill on disqualification of members of Knesset

The legislative Committee of Knesset approved to vote in the first reading the bill allowing lawmakers to suspend their colleagues by a majority of 90 votes.

On the website of the Knesset stated that the meeting took place rapidly, at the hearing came dozens of deputies from opposition parties, who fear that the new law could be used for the «suppression of dissent» and those whose position does not coincide with the position of the coalition parties. Several MPs withdrew from the hall.

The bill, which was completed on February 15, says that 90 (of 120) deputies can deprive of office of the parliamentarian, if he takes actions aimed at inflicting damage to the state. The final version of the draft law provides an opportunity to remove from office Deputy who expresses support for any form of armed struggle against the state of Israel, and not just a terrorist organization. The legislative initiative also provides the opportunity to remove from office Deputy who incites to racism and rejects the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel.

According to the current text, 61 the Deputy of the Knesset may request the suspension of their colleagues. Their request must be supported by 90 votes out of 120. However, the evening of 29 February, the website «Mako» reported that after the vote on the bill in the first reading it will be amended in accordance with the recommendation of the lawyers. In particular, with a request to dismiss the Deputy will have to act 70 MPs. Thus, the idea should be supported by members of at least one opposition faction.

Prepared to vote the bill on disqualification of members of Knesset 29.02.2016

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