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President Rivlin against the law on disqualification of MPs: «It is dangerous for society»

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin criticized the bill allowing Knesset members to impeach their colleagues by a majority of 90 votes. According to Rivlin, this bill «reflects a problematic understanding of the essence of parliamentary democracy». Recall that this law was developed on the initiative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking at the heritage center Menachem begin, Rivlin stressed that «too many in Israel today see democracy solely as majority rule». The head of state added that «such understanding of the essence of a democratic regime not only narrowly and deliberately limited, but dangerous – dangerous for the minority, for the opposition, for the individual and ultimately for society as a whole».

On 15 February it was reported that the Knesset’s legislation finalized the draft law, according to which 90 (from 120) deputies can deprive of office of the parliamentarian, if he takes actions aimed at inflicting damage to the state. It is noted that the final version of the draft law provides an opportunity to remove from office Deputy who expresses support for any form of armed struggle against the state of Israel, and not just a terrorist organization. The legislative initiative also provides the opportunity to remove from office Deputy who incites to racism and rejects the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel.

The speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein also spoke out against the bill.

On the morning of 16 February, the head of the Commission of the Knesset for legislation Nisan Slomiansky («Bayt Yehudi») reported that «the planned discussion of the bill at the Knesset plenary session will not take place». Slomiansky added that «work on the bill will resume after the return of Prime Minister from a foreign trip». Now Netanyahu is in Berlin.

One of the authors of the bill the Minister of aliyah and removals and the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs ze’ev Elkin said in a recent interview with «the Knesset is obliged to get their hands on a tool to deal with such deputies, as Hanin Zuabi, as Jamal Zahalka Basel or the Ratas. They openly support terror, during the operation «enduring rock» supported Hamas. This phenomenon must end». Elkin also explained that «under current law today, 90 deputies can dismiss the President, the first person of the country. 90 deputies can dismiss the speaker of the Knesset, which is elected to complete the term of office».

President Rivlin said on this occasion that «the President and the speaker are elected by the Knesset, and therefore it is logical that the Parliament retains the power to dismiss them».

President Rivlin against the law on disqualification of MPs: «It is dangerous for society» 16.02.2016

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