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President Rivlin explained how Israel can lay the Foundation of the peace process

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, paid an official visit to the United States, published in the edition of The Washington Post article, which called on the Israeli authorities to invest in infrastructure in East Jerusalem and to engage in cooperation with the Palestinian Arabs without regard to the peace process.

Rivlin writes that Israel should not wait for conflict resolution to strive for a peaceful and productive coexistence with the PA. In particular, to develop channels of cooperation with the Palestinian businesses, to introduce in schools the teaching of Arabic and to engage in the development of the project of the Palestinian city of Rawabi.

The President of Israel emphasized in his article that the problem of East Jerusalem, for various reasons, ignore the representatives of both right and left political camps. Right, according to Rivlin, do it for reasons of political differences. Left – wingers for ideological reasons, trying as soon as possible to separate from the Palestinian authority.

«Discussing the future, we are not engaged in the Eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem in the present, thereby endangering the Jewish residents of the city and ignoring the welfare of its Arab residents. Does anyone think that sewage, roads, schools and health centers in East Jerusalem can or should wait for the end of the conflict. Does anyone think that the consequences of the economic disaster this side of town will cease when you install or these imaginary political boundaries?», — asked Rivlin.

In his article, Rivlin also addressed the Palestinian side to halt incitement to violence against Israel and to cease to deny the existence of the Jewish state.

«In the heat of disagreement on the issue of our borders, the personalities of our neighbors and the nature of the future agreement, we ignore the relations among peoples in the present… But the present is formed the minds of children and youth», — said the President of Israel.

President Rivlin explained how Israel can lay the Foundation of the peace process 09.12.2015

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