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Prevented the smuggling of multicopter in the Gaza strip

Sunday, February 21, was allowed to publish information about that at the checkpoint «Kerem Shalom» the guards of the Ministry of defence together with the investigators of the General security service (SHABAK) had prevented smuggling of unmanned multicopter in the Gaza strip.

It is assumed that the shipment was intended for terror organizations.

According to published information, the guards at the checkpoint stopped a truck with Israeli license plates, which, according to the documents, was carrying toys to the Gaza strip. Among the toys were found multicopter, which were installed into the camera for high quality shooting.

Security forces believe the terrorists had intended to use a multicopter for the gathering of intelligence about the movement of IDF forces near the border with Gaza.

We will remind that last week on the border between Gaza and Israel this week, Israeli soldiers were seen copters that are likely to have been fired by militants of one of the terrorist groups. The army was then suggested that the copters were delivered into the Gaza strip through the tunnels the smugglers from Egypt. But it is possible that these UAVs were delivered via the border with Israel.

Fighters learn to run a multicopter and manage training grounds in the North and South of the Gaza strip.

Note that the multicopter value of 1000-1500$, which can be ordered in online stores, can carry not only video camera but also other goods. Theoretically, over small distances, this technique can be applied to attacks with the use of explosive or poisonous substances. Moreover, if the border of the Gaza strip is controlled carefully enough, the flights of such mini-UAVs in Judea and Samaria or Arab quarter of Jerusalem may go unnoticed.

Prevented the smuggling of multicopter in the Gaza strip 21.02.2016

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