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Prince Harry: «Even as king, I will myself to go to the store»

Prince Harry, the fifth in line heir to the British throne, gave an interview to the American edition of Newsweek, which spoke about the difficulties of their lives and the burden that imposes on the person a high position.

According to 32-year-old Prince, none of the members of the Royal family does not want to become king or Queen, but we all know that the UK and other countries still need «the charm of the monarchy», and honestly «fulfill their duty».

Harry told journalist Angela Levin, who talked to that does not approve of the family’s decision, according to which he, then a 12-year-old, had to walk behind the coffin of his mother who died in a car crash of Princess Diana: «This can not demand from the child.»

«The monarchy is a driving force for good. We want to create the same positive atmosphere which has 65 years of Queen makes. But we’re not trying to get into her shoes. The British monarchy is in step with the times, modernizarea, and we take part in this – not for themselves, but for the sake of the people. Queen was amazing, it allows us to make choices and does not hurry», – quotes the press according to the British Prince.

Harry returned repeatedly in this conversation to the topic of the funeral of Princess Diana: «My mother just died, and I had a long walk behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people and millions watched it on TV. No child needs this experience, it is impossible to demand from him that – under no circumstances».

The Prince admitted that after these events, he has long been prone to panic attacks, bouts of anger and anguish, and in formal situations his heart started to race «like a washing machine» – and he wanted to get out. But then he turned for help to a psychologist, and the situation began to improve.

Harry and his older brother, Prince William, has repeatedly come under fire for lack of commitment to the role of national leaders: they perform only a small part of the duties which it imposes on them belonging to the Royal family – unlike pedantic grandmother and grandfather.

The Prince, however, recognized that it pleases and energizes charitable activities and meeting people, which he manages to laugh. But sometimes he feels like a fish in the aquarium, the goldfish.

«I’m still in the period when you want to be naughty, and belong to those people who are frequently caught in a difficult situation,» admitted the Prince. He also said that he was afraid to change himself, but at the same time really wants to change something in your life.

Harry admitted that he goes to the store to shop, and will continue to do so, even if you become king, «People would be amazed to learn how absolutely ordinary life we live brother».

He also commented on his affair with American actress Meghan Markle, and claimed that he wants for his future children «normal life».

Prince Harry: «Even as king, I will myself to go to the store» 22.06.2017

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