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Print, reminded of the cursed king, was told about the Jerusalem of the First temple

During the excavations, which were conducted in the archaeological Park «city of David» next to Jerusalem’s Old city, specialists of the Department of antiquities has discovered dozens of bull – seals, Dating from the First temple period.

Such bullae were used to seal letters. If the seal was broken – it was clear that the letter was opened. Letters held in the archives, was burned during the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in the year 586 BC. However, the fire-hardened clay stamp, ensuring their safety.

«Finding evidence of a developed administrative system of the Jewish Kingdom of the First temple period. In the earliest of them patterns. Obviously, they played the role name. It was immediately clear who signed the document», – said the head of excavations Ortal Calaf and Joe Uziel.

About 700 BC on the seals appear the names, many of which are still used today. Of special interest is the seal with the inscription «Achieve, son of Menahem». Achiaw is a rare form of the name Ahab.

That was the name of the king of Israel, which came into confrontation with the prophet Eliyahu. It is noteworthy that in the Septuagint (the first translation of Scripture into Greek), and in the Jewish antiquities of Joseph Flavius the name of Ahab is found in that spelling.

It is noteworthy that Ahab, Menahem, the names of the kings of Israel. «Despite the fact that Ahab is the villain, this name is used and in Judea, and before the destruction of the First temple, and after it – albeit in a modified form», – the experts.

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Print, reminded of the cursed king, was told about the Jerusalem of the First temple 04.09.2017

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