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Professor Lerner: pandemic fever Zeke, but possible epidemic during the Olympic games in Brazil

This week the world health organization (who) declared emergencies on a global scale the rapid spread of the virus zika, which led to thousands of births of children with microcephaly. To date, cases of infection recorded in 27 countries of the North American, South American and Asia-Pacific regions.

On 2 February, the editorial staff received a comment about it from a scientist-epidemiologist Peter Lerner, living in Israel.

Professor Lerner recalls: «recently the UN announced to the world about the impending disaster of a pandemic of Ebola. Cited frightening predictions that, as expected, was not confirmed. The incidence stopped. Naturally, the UN declared a victory and assured that more epidemics of Ebola will be gone. Than again proved its complete incompetence, because such a «miracle» either now or in the next hundred years will not happen. In fact, no specific treatment was conducted. Patients revealed that the deceased were buried. Unbelievable, but still who even did not provide data on the immune status of the population in the lesions, age, sex, occupational composition of cases, about migration processes, the main sources, mechanisms, routes and factors of transmission of infection».

According to P. Lerner, the fever zika is similar to the hysteria around Ebola. «Carriers of the virus zika are mosquitoes of the genus Aedes. These mosquitoes are carriers of dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever. Specific treatment and a vaccine does not exist. The virus circulates in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. Zika virus was first identified in rhesus monkeys in Uganda in 1947. In 1952 the virus was identified in humans in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. The incubation period of the disease is approximately a few days. Prevention is protection from mosquito bites and the disease control is based on reducing the number of mosquitoes by eliminating their source (the destruction and transformation of breeding sites) and reduce the likelihood of contact between people and mosquitoes. You can use repellents, wear clothing (preferably light colors), covering as much of the body, use of physical barriers such as mesh, closed doors and Windows, and mosquito curtains to sleep. In addition, it is important to get rid of possible mosquito breeding sites, which should be empty, clean or cover containers that can hold water: buckets, flower pots, etc.,» writes in his commentary Professor Lerner.

«Zika fever hemorrhagic fever is a normal and, moreover, typical of natural-focal disease. Beyond their natural foci, it will come, therefore, any pandemic will not, because human infection can occur only in the very hearth,» – emphasizes the scientist.

At the same time, Peter Lerner speaks about high probability of the epidemic not only fever, zika, and Dengue fever in Brazil, where this year will be the Olympics (in Rio de Janeiro).

Cm. also the other posts on the personal page of P. M. Lerner

Professor Lerner: pandemic fever Zeke, but possible epidemic during the Olympic games in Brazil 02.02.2016

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