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Professor of law, mentioning in the classroom depilation, accused of sexual harassment

Reginald Robinson, Professor of law at the University of Washington Howard, found guilty of sexual harassment that included a question about waxing the bikini area in the test paper to their students.

This curious incident occurred in September of 2015 wrote on Sunday, 9 July, British tabloid the Daily Mail, citing the Fund for the protection of individual rights in education (FIRE).

In the proposed task students talked about a hypothetical situation in which the plaintiff sues beauty salon, where, according to her, the cosmetologist conducting the procedure under General anesthesia, inappropriately touched her intimate places.

The question posed by the teacher was: to support the lawsuit client’s informed consent to the procedure in the area of her genitals, or will be on the side of a cosmetologist and salon owner.

Two students complained to the University administration, stating: this problem confused them, forced to feel like the hypothetical plaintiff.

During a lengthy internal investigation, the University authority came to the conclusion that the actions of the Professor can be seen as elements of sexual harassment.

Robinson was ordered to undergo a special training, all of his tests will be subjected to scrutiny, and in the case of repeated complaints to the teacher faces dismissal.

Professor outraged by this decision, which «does not allow him to teach students at a decent level.»

«This case should worry all teachers Howard University and other universities, the program of which includes law, medicine, history and literature. None of these Sciences can not be taught without evaluation or discussion of contextual facts, including dubious and emotionally charged,» explains Robinson.

«Now I must prepare my students to practice law, because I’m not allowed to give them to see the real and not censored works», concludes the Professor.

Professor of law, mentioning in the classroom depilation, accused of sexual harassment

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