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Published an excerpt from the report of the Russian opposition about the army Kadyrov is «the most efficient army in Russia»

23 February will be published a report on the activities of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. A report entitled «a Threat to national security» was prepared by the Chairman of the Russian opposition party PARNAS Ilya Yashin, a close associate of the late Boris Nemtsov. The magazine New Times published an excerpt from the report – Chapter called «Private army» dedicated to the power structures of Chechnya.

During the drafting of the report Yashin and his colleagues used in the main opening springs, however, the opposition also travelled to Chechnya, where he met with the Chechens, who on condition of anonymity, agreed to help Yashin with the preparation and subsequent dissemination of the report.

In New Times published text describes the so-called «combat infantry of Putin», as he calls controlled by Kadyrov armed part of the head of Chechnya. The authors of the report write that Chechnya was the only Republic where the Kremlin has allowed to create local security forces beyond the control of the Federal government and subordinate only to Kadyrov.

These «Kadyrov’s men» completely loyal to the head of Chechnya, mainly because most of them are former separatist, Kadyrov amnestied.

In the Chechen regional army, contrary to the law is staffed on a national basis, according to Yashin, there are about 30 thousand people who swear allegiance to Kadyrov personally.

Yashin militants Kadyrov calls «arguably the most efficient military organization in modern Russia», and claims that Chechen security forces were involved in the war in Eastern Ukraine.

The report also describes the preparation of new personnel for the army of Kadyrov. In Chechnya there is the project «Young fortress», under which it operates training camps for militants minors. Yashin writes that in 2009 on the air of the Grozny TV there was shown a documentary film about one of these camps. In shot 12-year-old children praying, shouting «Allah Akbar!», marching on the parade ground and shoot from military weapons under the supervision of R. Kadyrov himself.

A report became widely known in December of last year when Yashin accused Kadyrov that the covers of the killers of Boris Nemtsov. Also in December, the opposition sent an open letter to Kadyrov, stating that it is prepared to come to Grozny to meet the head of Chechnya and ask him «some questions». In response, Kadyrov called Yashin «funny man».

Published an excerpt from the report of the Russian opposition about the army Kadyrov is «the most efficient army in Russia» 22.02.2016

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