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Published results of the investigation into the crash of the F-16

Published the preliminary results of the investigation into the crash of the F-16i «Sufa» early Saturday morning, February 10. Combat aircraft crashed near houses in Harduf kibbutz in the Jezreel valley. The pilot and Navigator managed to eject, one of them was seriously wounded and a second suffered minor injuries.

Information about the investigation published by the newspaper «Israel a-Yom», the channel «Reshet» (13th), sites, Ynet, Walla and other media with reference to the chief of staff of the Israeli air force, Brigadier General Tomer Bar.

According to published information, the F-16 aircraft participating in the mission to eliminate Iran’s mobile command post destroyed unmanned aircraft infiltrated into Israeli airspace, maneuvered at an altitude of over 3000 meters in the sky over Galilee, when he suffered a massive missile attack from Syrian territory. It is reported that this (and possibly others) Israeli fighter jet of the Syrian air defense, which used s-200 (SA-5) and «Buk» (SA-17), were fired 25 missiles. One of the rockets exploded near the F-16 was punctured cabin, one of the pilots injured. According to reports, the crew has not made the necessary maneuver of deflection, as it was focused on tracking ground targets. In these circumstances it was decided to eject. Then the F-16 fell in the Jezreel valley.

An investigation into the incident continues. Probably in the future will be published other details. A special Commission should evaluate the actions of the pilots and other military specialists involved in the operation.

Currently, one of the pilots received minor injuries, was discharged from the hospital. The second condition, received a severe injury, moderate severity – threats to his life there.

The commander of the air forces of Israel, major-General the Amico Norkin visited Haifa hospital «Rambam» major A. (the pilot of the crashed F-16) and told him that he made the right decision ejected and thereby saved not only his life but the life of the Navigator.

The events on the Syrian-Israeli border 10 Feb 2018

On the night of February 10, IDF air force was shot down over Israeli territory a drone is of Iranian origin, who arrived from Syria. Probably talking about Saeqeh («lightning») is Iran’s «clone» a us drone stealth RQ-170 Sentinel. The drone held over Israeli territory not more than one and a half minutes, after which he was shot down. Bar said that this is the first time that Iranian drone crossed the Israeli border, but the UAV passed over Israeli territory so little time, I did not manage to cause any damage. Was also destroyed a mobile control station that the UAV in the Syrian territory.

Syrian air defenses opened fire. One of the planes F-16i «Sufa» fell in Israeli territory. Two pilots managed to eject.

Shortly after this incident, the Israeli air force attacked military targets in Syria.

«The operational headquarters of the allies of Syria» (OSSS), unifying the command of Iranian forces and «Hezbollah» in the Syrian territory, said the Russian state Agency RIA Novosti that the Israeli aircraft attacked the drones, based at the airbase T-4 in HOMS province. According to this source, these UAVs (in Iran) were destroyed. Accurate information about damages is not given. OSS, claims that the IDF destroyed drones that were used «to gather information to fight terrorist groups and primarily against IG, in the interests of the Syrian army.»

Military airbase, Ties (T-4), located to the West of Palmyra in HOMS province, is the largest in Syria. She repeatedly used for deployment of aircraft carrying out attacks on opposition forces during the civil war in Syria (2011-2018). On the territory of the base of the Iranian «Islamic revolutionary guard Corps» has created a special hangars for unmanned aircraft. There are based Syrian warplanes MiG-25, su-24 and su-22.

The representative of the press service of the IDF Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conicus said that the attack by the Israeli air force was struck by the 12 Syrian and Iranian military installations.

The London-based Syrian human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports that as a result of Israeli air strikes on targets in the Syrian province of HOMS and in the area of RIF Was (South of Damascus) were killed six people – members of the army of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, as well as representatives of groups associated with this mode. The publication States that among the dead are foreigners. In addition, according to the SOHR, there are wounded, some of whom are in serious or critical condition. SOHR calls a few goals, which was struck: on the outskirts of the air base, T-4 and al-Ballarat (in HOMS province), near al-Dimas (in the North-Western part of the province of RIF Was), on the border between the provinces of Daraa and RIF Was.

Syrian state news Agency SANA reported that the air defense forces of the regular army of Syria attacked the Israeli planes. The report reveals that the actions of the Syrian air defense was affected in more than one plane (this misinformation was later replicated by many Russian media outlets). Agency SANA announced that the Israeli planes early on Saturday morning attacked a military base in Central Syria. Damascus ties together the actions of the us military against the forces of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the Israeli air force, blaming the USA and Israel of support of Islamic state and other terrorist organizations.

Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin» associated with Hezbollah, reports that on the morning of Saturday, February 10, Syrian air defenses mobilized against Israeli aircraft, anti-aircraft missile system s-200 Russian production. According to this channel, in repelling an air RAID on a military base in HOMS province on Israeli aircraft were fired 10 missiles.

Incidents with Israeli F-16 aircraft over the last 20 years

10 February 2018 F-16 aircraft participating in combat operations, fell on the territory of Harduf kibbutz in the Jezreel valley. The pilots ejected and survived.

October 5, 2016 at planting based on Ramon after the assignment in the Gaza strip, the plane crashed F-16. Killed air force major Ohad Cohen-New (34). Navigator ejected and survived.

7 July 2013, 50 km from the coast of the Gaza strip from the F-16i off base «Hazor», the engine failed. Making sure to start the engine fails, the crew decided to eject. The plane crashed into the water.

11 Nov 2010 in the town of Mitzpe Ramon during a training flight crashed fighter F-16i. In the crash killed major amichai Itkis (28) and major Emanuel levy (30).

13 Sep 2009 in the area of Hebron, the plane crashed F-16, which was ruled by a Lieutenant Asaf Ramon, son of first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. Asaf Ramon was killed.

During the Second Lebanon war in the summer of 2006, an accident occurred on the F-16 aircraft, while he was performing the takeoff on the runway. The pilots, finding fault, ejected and the aircraft was stopped using a special mesh. The pilots were not injured.

In may 2005, the pilots ejected from the plane, coming in for a landing on the base of Ramat David. The reason was discovered a technical fault. The pilots were not injured.

In February 2003, another plane crashed near Janina, the pilot managed to eject.

In August 2000, the pilot was forced to leave the plane due to a fault discovered during a training flight. The pilot received minor injuries.

In March 2000, the F-16 aircraft crashed in the Mediterranean sea. During the search, was discovered the bodies of the pilots: major Yonatan begin, (son of Minister benny begin) and captain Lior Arari.

In August 1998, during a training flight crashed F-16 aircraft. The pilot ejected.

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Published results of the investigation into the crash of the F-16 12.02.2018

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