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Published the names of the children and adults killed in a fire in Kemerovo

Russian portal «Orthodoxy and the world», citing the well-known journalist Natalia Losev publishes the names of victims of the fire in the shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo. This list of over 20 names of the children. Published photos of many of them.

The official list of the victims is not yet published.

At the time of publication of this material the authorities of the Kemerovo region confirmed the death of 64 people. According to one, the bodies of all the victims was found, in others there are up to 16 missing. In the hospital were delivered to the 48 victims.

In connection with the tragedy in the region declared three days of mourning, reports


1. Agarkov Kostya, 8 years
2. Masha Agarkova, 10 years
3. Ruslan Alimov, 5 years
4. Alimova Yana, 42
5. Archipenko Victoria, 5 years
6. Stanislav Arkhipenko, 31
7. Arina Baranova, 8 years
8. Baranov Artem, 12 years
9. Bacheva Anna
10. Anna Vostrikova, 7 years
11. Artem Vostrikov, 5 years
12. Vostrikov, a novel, 2 years
13. Galanin Dmitry
14. Galanin Mikhail, 10 years old
15. Darsalia Tatiana, 37 years
16. Erokhina Maya, 12 years old
17. Sakunova Victoria, 11 years old
18. Ivanchik Artemy
19. Klein Anfisa, 30 years
20. Kogan, Alexander, 10 years
21. Kurczewska Tatiana, 11 years
22. Lillevali Valeria, 5 years
23. Frost, Maria, 13 years old
24. Frost, Pauline 35 years
25. Mukhin Rotibor, 6 years
26. Nikulin Vyacheslav, 10 years
27. Ponushkov Veronica
28. Pochekina Victoria
29. Sarajevo Dasha
30. Smirnova Nastya, 11 years old
31. Bulk Elizabeth, 10 years
32. Teslenko Arina
33. Teslenko Igor
34. Trusov Vasilisa, 5 years
35. Trusov Veronica, 8 years
36. Ushakov Lisa
37. Chernikova Vilena, 11 years
38. Chmykhalov Vadim, 10 years

The list of victims is specified.

A fire in TTS «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo. 25 Mar 2018

The fire in the shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo started around 16:20 local time. In cinemas on the fourth floor, where the fires occurred at the afternoon session there were a number of adults and children.

According to information published by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, all fire exits in the Mall were blocked. In this case an employee of a private security company when receiving a signal about a fire has disabled the notification system.

Dozens of people managed to escape. The adults rescued the children, and then returned to rescue others, some of them died.

The fire covered an area of about 2 thousand square meters. Fire extinguishing and debris removal lasted more than a day. For fire fighting and search and rescue operations involved more than 500 emergency workers of Russia.

Detained and questioned four suspects, including technical Director of the company-the owner of the building, tenant of the premises, where, presumably, the epicenter of the fire, the employee and the head of the organization, engaged in maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Victims of the fire were at least 64 people.

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Published the names of the children and adults killed in a fire in Kemerovo 26.03.2018

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