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Published the results of a survey of parents ‘ attitudes to education

The Israeli national certification management and assessments of the Ministry of education published the results of a survey that studied the attitude of parents towards the educational system and its components.

The results of a survey published by the press service of the Ministry, indicate 60-80% of respondents said that they are satisfied overall with the school where their children study. This includes the learning environment, relationships with teachers, involvement of parents in school life.

Compared to the previous academic year the number of complaints of violence between students in primary school decreased by 6%, in middle and high schools – 4%. Positive feedback about the level of teaching, attracting the interest of students and clarity of material supply increased by 3%.

Among parents of older students increased the level of perception of school as an institution which instilled a desire for self-realization, tolerance, respect for others, commitment, etc., the increase was from 5 to 15%.

In Junior high, a 12% decline in the number of complaints about the size of monthly payments parents.

In minprome note that the assessment of parents level of teaching in the middle grades lower than a Junior or a senior. This applies to both Jewish and Arab schools.

7% of parents of younger students complained of symptoms of verbal abuse from teachers towards students. In middle school, the figure is 10%, and in older – 9%.

The survey was conducted in April-July 2016 to the questionnaires answered 2.755 people (77% of the total number of parents surveyed).

Published the results of a survey of parents ‘ attitudes to education 08.06.2017

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