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Published the social index of the parliamentarians during the winter session

The organization «A-Mishmar a-hevrati» published the social index MPs during the winter session of the Knesset.

The index of social activity members of the Knesset, published by the organization «A-Mishmar a-hevrati» at the end of the parliamentary sessions, based on the participation of MPs in voting for socially important bills. The more MPs vote for social proposals and against anti-social laws, the higher place in the index they occupy. The calculation is conducted using the computer program «the Knesset, ptuha» (Open Knesset), developed by the organization «A-sadna Le IED chiburi».

According to the report, the United Arab list came in second place after the MERETZ faction. The «social faction» in the government is recognized as the «Kulanu» headed by Moshe Cahalane. A number of deputies, who is running for the primaries of the party «Avoda», was the least active among the members of the opposition. And some of the MPs caught in the end of the list, vote against their own social laws.

Knesset member Stav Shafir («the Zionist camp») came in first place in the index of social activity, compiled by the organization «A-Mishmar a-hevrati» the results of the winter session of the Knesset 2017. The compilers of the index note that for the first time took first place member is a woman. To Shafir first place three times in a row was held by her fellow faction Itzik Shmuel, who now ranks third in the list.

On the first places in the list of three deputies of the Arabs

Second place in the index is a member of the Knesset from the combined list Dov Hanin. In the first ten socially active deputies – three of the Arabs: Yusuf Jabareen, Abdullah Abu-maarouf street and Abd al-Hakim Hajj, Ihya. To the previous index and Dov Hanin was the only representative of the joint list in the top ten. On the first places in the list are also Michal Rozin and Tamar Zandberg (MERETZ) and Nachman Shai with Hilik Bar («Zionist camp»). Mickey levy («Yesh Atid»), who held last index third place, dropped to 17th position. Haim levy ranks 13th – highest among the deputies from the faction of «Yesh Atid».

The most socially-active fraction was MERETZ, leading the last index, as well as in most of the previous. Second place for the first time took a fraction of the combined list. For her with a minimum gap should be «the Zionist camp», which traditionally holds the first or second place. On the fourth place – «Yesh Atid», mainly because of the frequent absence of members of the faction at the polls.

Deputies from the coalition factions took positions at the end of the list – because of their subordination of coalition discipline. However, despite this, the fraction of «Kulanu» voted differently than other coalition factions, and ranked first among them in social activity.

Knesset member Merav Ben-Ari (Kulanu) for the third time took the highest place in the social activity among the members of the coalition, and, by a large margin. For example, she voted for the laws on free education for children from 3 years, admitted to hospitals, on the extension of social benefits for patients and benefits to women residing in shelters for battered wives. A higher place than the other members of the coalition, is her comrades in the faction Tali Plaskow and Akram Hasson. So, Plaskow supported the bill on housing at affordable prices, and Hasson voted in favor of increasing the accountability of insurance companies towards their clients. Another member of Knesset, Druze, Hamad Amar (Yisrael beyteynu) also voted for the social legislation more actively than the other members of the coalition.

Among the Russian-speaking Knesset members in the coalition, the Landwehr («Israel Our home») took 21 seats, while the opposition leader Ksenia Svetlova («Zionist camp») is 28. Other Russian deputies was on 42 place («likudnik» Yuli Edelstein) and below. The least socially active Deputy from the coalition was Zeev Elkin (Likud), occupying the 57th place in the index.

«We want to influence the deputies, so that they are more actively promoted social values, says Eran Rundell, Deputy General Director of the organization «A-Mishmar a-hevrati». – With this purpose we regularly publish social index, the results of which again and again show that members are quite capable to violate coalition discipline in matters of public importance. So, if the «likudnik» almost unconditionally submit to discipline, and prefer the interests of the government, among the deputies of the party «Kulanu» are often those who out of obedience and vote for social legislation. The opposition also has two poles: and the deputies does not pass a vote, and MPs rarely appear in the plenary hall of the Knesset. These differences are of great importance for the promotion of bills of social direction».

Methodology: served social the bill and vote against it

The authors of the report draw attention to the fact that MPs from the two coalition factions – Likud and «Kulanu» is a completely different vote for social legislation. The last place in the index are members of Nava Boker (Likud) and Yaakov Asher («Yahadut a-Torah»), respectively 120 and 119. Tzipi Hotovely and Jackie levy (both from Likud) took 117 and 118. Boker and Hotovely voted against many proposals that could significantly improve the quality of life of many Israeli citizens: for example, against the limitation of the number of students in the classroom and against availability of medical facilities for people who do not speak Hebrew. Ayub Kara and Miki Zohar (both from Likud) divide 115 and 116th in the index.

Some deputies from the coalition occupying alopochen place at the end of the list, gained fame through social filed their bills. But not all of them voted for their own proposals, which, ultimately, did not receive a majority of votes.

For example, Miki Zohar filed a lot of bills with social orientation. So, he proposed to limit the state monopoly advertising costs. However, when it came down to it, he voted against two of their legislation and abstained in the voting on eight other similar proposals. Nava Boker also voted against two of his own social laws and did not attend the plenary session, when the fate of seven others.

Many MPs from the coalition voted against their own bills: «likudnik» David Bitan, Dudi Amsalem, Amir Ohana and Sharon Esquel, deputies from the faction of «Bayt Yehudi» Bezalel Smotrich and URI Maklev, members of SHAS, Yaakov Margi and Yitzhak Vaknin, and others.

«Knesset members want to have a social image, so they serve the bills, receiving a positive response in the media. «But they do not take efforts to to ensure that their proposals were accepted and received the force of law,» – explains the coordinator of research in the organization «A-Mishmar a-hevrati» Michal Eden. – Too many of them succumb to the herd instinct and vote against their own bills. And too many of the opposition deputies do not find the time to come to the plenary session and vote for their bills. Therefore, the index takes into account not submitted the bills, but how the deputies voted. The Knesset passes too many laws, including populist. But it is important that the majority of the votes received socially important proposals.»

Social index and the primaries of the party «Avoda»

Special attention of the drafters of the report were given to deputies from party «Avoda». In particular, they indicate that the MP Amir Peretz presented his candidacy for the primaries in the «Labor» is in the index 57th place – the last of the deputies from the opposition factions. Two other candidates also took is not the place of honor, in comparison with other members of the opposition. Thus, the Chairman of the party «Avoda» and the head of the opposition Yitzhak (Bougie) Herzog took the 54th place, and Erel Margalit – 51.

The authors of the report explain: all three of them – Duke, Pepper, and Margalit was on such a low position due to the fact that they have not found the time to participate in the voting. Pepper was attended by only 10 votes on socio-economic bills of the 132. The Duke was attended by 11 votes, Margalit – 25. Applicants have missed dozens of important votes on the bills, most of them developed their own comrades in the opposition. For example, Duke and Pepper, skipped the vote on bills proposing to limit the deferral of payments to freelancers and small businesses, and to impose a price control in children’s summer camps. Pepper didn’t bother to even be on the ballot for the control of the major military deals (the bill that prevents future «transactions of the submarines»).

Two other candidates in the primaries in the Labor party – Eitan cabel and Omer Bar-Lev, has taken a relatively high place in the index. Cable 15, A Bar-Lev – 18. (Another three candidates of AVI Gabay, Yom-Tov Samia, and Amiram Levin – are not Knesset members, and their names in the index do not appear).

One of the highlights of places at the end of the list is Chairman of the opposition party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid Deputy, constantly skipping a vote on social legislation. Lapid voted only for 11 socio-economic bills of the mentioned 132.

Orly levy, released from the government and from the faction «Our home Israel» and created their own faction in order for the opposition to fight for social goals, ranked only 37th place in the index.

Published the social index of the parliamentarians during the winter session 02.04.2017

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