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Published the surviving three UAVs that participated in the attack on the Russian base in Syria

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation published a new photo drones participated in the attack on the Russian base in Syria on the night of 6 January. Judging from this picture, the military has been forced to plant at least three such UAV, the rest were shot down or detonated after landing.

Earlier in the article published by the newspaper «Red star», the official organ of the defense Ministry, said, «it is Established that the launch of the drones had been launched from the area of the settlement of Mazzara, located in the southwestern part of the zone of de-escalation «Idlib», controlled by the armed groups of the so-called «moderate» opposition.»

Town of Mazzara (another variant spelling of al-Maasra) is located at about 60 km from the air base Hamim and 100 km from the port of Tartus, which became targets of attack. At the same time, judging by the pictures published by the defense Ministry, the attack was carried out with the simplest UAV, which is a construction of wood and foam, the integrity of which was secured with tape.

As previously reported, January 7, the London-based Syrian human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that near the Russian air base Hamim in Syria was hit by a drone of the enemy. According to the TV channel «al Arabiya» this incident was the impression that was shot down and strike UAVs. Although from the publication SOHR obvious way this should not. According to SOHR, January 6 was shot down a UAV, launched by one of the militants of the «Islamic factions».

On the evening of 8 January, the defense Ministry reported that on the night of Saturday, January 6, the Russian military successfully repelled the attack the militants base Hamim and point of logistics of the Navy in Tartus with armed drones, casualties and damage in the attack there.

«With the onset of night time Russian air defense at a considerable distance were identified 13 small-size air targets of unknown origin approaching Russian military installations. Ten strike UAVs closer to the Russian base Hamim and three – point logistics Russian Navy in Tartus. Six small-size aerial targets Russian electronic warfare units managed to take control, taking over band management. Three of them were put on the controlled territory outside the base, and three UAVs during landing exploded from the collision with the ground. Seven of the UAV was destroyed by the regular anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes «Pantsir-S1″ Russian air defense units, carrying round-the-clock combat duty. Casualties or material damage on the Russian military facilities there. Russian airbase Hamim and item logistics Russian Navy in Tartus continue to operate in a planned mode», – stated in the message of the defense Ministry.

On the page of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in the social network Vkontakte published pictures of one of the intercepted UAV. At the same time were added the following comment: «currently, the Russian military experts carried out a detailed analysis of the design, technical stuffing and homemade ammunition seized and strike UAVs. The result of the decryption of intercepted drone identified the exact location of their launch. Terrorists first massively used by UAV type aircraft, launched from a distance of more than 50 kilometers with the use of modern technologies guidance by satellite GPS coordinates. A technical examination of the seized aircrafts was shown that such attacks can be carried out by terrorists from the range of about 100 kilometers. Engineering solutions used by the terrorists during the attack on Russian facilities in Syria could only be obtained from one of the countries with a high technological opportunities to provide satellite navigation and remote control reset professionally assembled improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the designated coordinates. All UAVs of terrorists equipped with barometric sensors and actuators of the Elevator control. In improvised explosive devices of terrorists attached to drone aircraft of the type used fuses foreign production. Currently, the competent Russian specialists established channels of supply of terrorists these technologies and devices, and also studied the type and the origin of explosive mixtures used for IEDs. The fact that the militants of shock unmanned aerial vehicles aircraft type indicates that the militants handed over the technology, allowing to carry out terrorist acts with the use of such drones in any country».

Recall that on 4 January, the Russian defense Ministry confirmed the fact of a mortar shelling of the Russian air base in Syria Hamim 31 December 2017 and reported the deaths of two servicemen in a result of this attack. While the defense Ministry has denied media reports about the destruction of seven Russian aircraft in the bombardment of the airbase, RIA Novosti reported. «Message «Kommersant» about the allegedly «actual destruction» of seven Russian military aircraft on the base Hamim – fake,» said the defense Ministry.

In an official statement, which is quoted by RIA Novosti, it was said: «31 December 2017 with the onset of night time airfield «Hamim» has undergone a sudden mortar attack mobile sabotage groups of militants. In result of firing two soldiers were killed… the Syrian security authorities carried out search and destruction involved in the attack of insurgents, and strengthening the protection regime adjacent to the air base territory.»

Syrian state news Agency SANA did not publish any information about a mortar attack on air base «Hamim» in Latakia province on New year’s eve. Only after the statement of the defense Ministry’s Agency published a report, quoted verbatim publication of the Russian defense Ministry.

The website of the newspaper «Kommersant» late Wednesday evening, January 3, reported, citing two military-diplomatic source about the destruction of the seven aircraft of the Russian Federation videoconferencing and wounding ten soldiers as a result of mortar shelling of the Russian air base Hamim in Syria. According to the newspaper, 31 December, «one of the militants of the terrorist groups fired from mortars at a Russian military facility in Syria, so that was actually destroyed four bombers su-24, two su-35S, one transport An-72 and an ammunition dump, sdetonirovala after being hit by mortar shell». «In total, according to unofficial data, could suffer more than ten soldiers,» wrote military commentator «Kommersant» Ivan Safronov.

Information about the destruction of Russian aircraft at the airbase «Hamim» published by Reuters, the Guardian and other reputable media. But they all point to the Russian «Kommersant».

After the publication of «Kommersant», the study group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) in Telegram channel noted that none of the group over the past few days has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In CIT added that none of the locals did not publish videos or photos of the results of the shelling of the Russian military base, although still «pictures of the aftermath of incidents near the base Hamim were quickly in social networks».

RBC source in the defense Ministry said the attack had damaged one helicopter and SU-24. «The shelling was carried out from MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems fire) from the zone of de-escalation, mortars worked from the area under the protection of the Syrians. Two of the dead’s helicopter,» – said the source. According to him, the duty around the base was organized «as expected». «Rockets posbivat, but the mortar shots – they are almost impossible to shoot down When shot in the back, not always ready for it,» said the source.

On the evening of 4 January, social media was circulated pictures of the damaged aircraft, allegedly made on the base Hamim. In particular, the same pictures posted on Twitter of Ivan Sidorenko, who calls himself a reporter in Syria.

Earlier, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation informed the media that on 31 December 2017 in the Syrian province of Hama 15 km from the airport of destination due to a technical failure crashed military helicopter Mi-24 HQs of Russia, killing two pilots. It was reported that the flight, which were injured, search-and-rescue team evacuated to the base Hamim, where he was given medical assistance. In the MOE stressed that the helicopter was not shot down.

Recall that in December it was announced the completion of the Russian military operation in Syria, after which dozens of fighter planes returned to the airfield in Russia. The authorities of Syria, Iraq and Russia declared victory over ISIS.

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Published the surviving three UAVs that participated in the attack on the Russian base in Syria 10.01.2018

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