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Putin about Syria: «the Best exercise is hard to imagine». The results of the press conference

On December 17, was held the annual, now in its eleventh press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, on which Putin was asked about the economic crisis, relations with Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia, pensions, corruption and the situation in Syria.

The most interesting questions were asked at the end of the correspondent of «echo of Moscow» Alexey Solomin, who asked Putin if he thinks correct at the time of the investigation, to impeach the Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak, a suspect in the attack on the journalist Oleg Kashin, on foreign adoptions of Russian children and the investigation of the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

Putin confirmed that he does not consider it necessary to suspend Turchak from office. About the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Putin said that «it is a crime that must be solved», and said the following phrase a phrase: «He chose the path of political struggle — the personal attacks. I got used to it. And he is not alone. But it is not the fact that people have to kill.»

As for the adoption of Russian children by foreign citizens or so-called «Dima Yakovlev law», Putin argued that since, according to statistics, foreigners adopt sick children less than healthy, «we will not rush to change decisions».

On the question of whether or not there’s a lot of money from the state budget is spent on military operation in Syria, the Russian President replied: «the Best exercise is hard to imagine. Therefore we are in principle long enough to train without significant damage to our budget.»

In a course a press-conferences Vladimir Putin has managed to declare that the peak of the economic crisis in Russia behind us, Russia is ready to abolish visa regime with Georgia, Blatter should give the Nobel peace prize, corruption scandals, associated with Rothenberg, Turchak and Chaika, — side things, but in Russia are growing GDP, and also said that in the Donbas are Russians, «the crucial questions in the military sphere,» and the rest «Russian troops in Ukraine».

Ended press conference, which was about 1,400 accredited Russian and foreign journalists and which this year lasted 3 hours and 12 minutes, the question of the Chairman of the Union of journalists of Sevastopol, which first said that the most popular toast in Sevastopol is a toast to the Supreme commander, and then complained that the mariners after the service began to remove the daggers. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that «the daggers should be returned», and has thus concluded the annual press conference.

Putin about Syria: «the Best exercise is hard to imagine». The results of the press conference 17.12.2015

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