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Putin accused of plagiarizing his dissertation «compiled» the rector of the Mining University

Living in Europe Olga Litvinenko, the daughter of the rector of the St. Petersburg mining University, scientific adviser of Vladimir Putin, claims that her dad wrote her thesis for the next President, and in the protection of its approved «pre-selected members of the dissertation Council.

About it writes on Sunday, March 4, the radio station «Radio Liberty», which gave an interview to the daughter of the rector.

The article notes that Olga Litvinenko had previously accused the father of kidnapping and illegal adoption of his granddaughter, Esther Maria and demanded to enter against it personal sanctions.

She claims that Vladimir Litvinenko, taking the post of rector, was organized in St. Petersburg mining University «conveyor belt» of production and thesis defense.

«Then there was a boom, everyone wanted to become candidates and doctors of Sciences. On the basis of plagiarism was done a different kind of thesis for dignitaries. And REM Vyakhirev (former head of «Gazprom») there was protected, I was on overcurrent, and the son of Vyakhirev and Viktor Zubkov (Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Gazprom») was protected, and Putin have used the services of his protege… I have worked as an assistant to the rector, and saw it all. The cost of the PhD thesis was 30,000 euros, and doktorskoj from 50 to 100 thousand euros, depending on the condition of the businessman», – quotes the words of Olga Litvinenko website

The publication reports that the thesis of Vladimir Putin on «Strategic planning reproduction of mineral-raw base of region in conditions of formation of market relations» were written by the rector of the Mining University in the summer of 1997.

«My father took a vacation. Putin has never appeared at us in the country, never consulted with my father… undertook a variety of books, a paragraph like, so we put this page on a copier, then he took out what he liked, pasted on sheets of A4, added a comment and then go some other paragraph. All I saw was my eyes», – told reporters Litvinenko.

On the station’s website also provides a link to the newspaper article in The Washington Times, published in 2006, where Putin is accused of plagiarism. Sixteen of the twenty pages that open a key part of Putin’s work were either copied or rewritten with minimal changes from the book «Strategic planning and policy» University of Pittsburgh professors William king and David Cleland, published in 1979, and in 1982, translated into Russian language.

Putin accused of plagiarizing his dissertation «compiled» the rector of the Mining University 04.03.2018

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