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Putin admitted that he did not want to be President. Review of Russian media

Members of the U.S. Senate from both parties, Democratic and Republican, have agreed to impose new restrictive measures against Russia. The legislature intend to deprive the administration of President Donald trump himself the right to cancel these sanctions. The initiative can be approved by the Senate this week, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

Explaining the need for such procedures, democratic Senator Ben Cardin pointed to the administration’s policy of Donald trump, who has previously hinted at the possibility of partial lifting of sanctions with Russia.

«I took ISIS to the allies?» – is the title of an article in Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper», which States that the US are fighting in Syria with terrorists, and Assad’s troops. This was stated at a briefing head of the Main operational Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy and the commander of the Russian group of forces in Syria Sergey Surovikin.

«Significant results of the fight against ISIL coalition led by the United States, we do not see. Declaring the purpose of the fight against international terrorism, the coalition strikes on Syrian troops, freely produces ISIL militants from areas of the environment, strengthening terrorist groups in the areas of Palmyra and Deir ez-Sorai. I want to ask why they do it and what real purpose they serve? Until we see that the coalition’s actions only prevented the defeat of the government forces of ISIL groups,» – says the Russian General.

New sanctions against Russia, proposed as amendments to the bill on restrictions against Iran can be stored for a long time, if the President of the United States Donald trump will sign the relevant documents, said in conversation with the correspondent «News» political analyst Pavel Svyatenkov.

«The congressmen are waging a war against trump, in particular, for this position: the subject of Russian interference in the elections, the Russian hackers hacking into American servers and so on, since Russia has for years allowed himself in this direction make every kick and not denied,» – said the expert.

Vladimir Putin says: «the US has the illusion that they can do everything and for them it will be nothing. It was a trap».
In an interview with the Director Oliver stone, the President of the Russian Federation told about the errors of Washington, the refusal of Yeltsin and his grandchildren, according to «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«I often heard criticism about the fact that I’m really sorry about the collapse of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, 25 million Russian people in one night turned out to be abroad, and it is really one of the biggest disasters of the XX century. Because while the people lived in a single country, they had family ties, a job, an apartment, they were all in equal rights. One second they were abroad and in the country there is first signs, and then full-scale civil war», – quotes the edition an excerpt from that conversation.

«When I arrived from Leningrad to Moscow, I here was not some special support, some very powerful connections. I don’t know why Yeltsin chose me. But when Yeltsin offered it to me for the first time, I refused. He’s in my office invited me, said that he would like to appoint me as Prime Minister and wish I were running for President. I said that is a very big responsibility, it can change my whole life, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it», – Putin admitted.

Putin admitted that he did not want to be President. Review of Russian media 13.06.2017

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