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Putin: Allah decided to punish the Turkish authorities, depriving them of reason

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Federal Assembly urged to protect the «traditions and values», to reduce the number of jury and know his worth.

Putin began his address with the situation in Syria, where, according to the Russian President, the Russian military are fighting for Russia, because it «must find and destroy the fighters on the distant approaches».

The Russian President warned that the threat of terrorism is increasing and the Russian authorities know, «why did this happen and who wanted to depose undesirable regimes».

«We need to create a single fist, a powerful anti-terrorist front against international terrorism,» said Putin and added that Russia is not going to «rattle the saber».

Regarding Turkey, the Russian President said that Allah decided to punish the leadership of Turkey, depriving him of reason, and also hinted that it is on the Turkish money, the militants commit terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, Putin believes that the mind only Allah has deprived the Turkish authorities and Turkish people were «good, hardworking and talented».

In his speech the President Putin said that corruption is an obstacle to development of Russia. At this point, many bloggers on Twitter encouraged viewers to look into the hall, where they showed Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

In conclusion, Putin cited Dmitri Mendeleev: «Separate us will destroy. Our strength is in our unity, in the army, benevolent nepotism, multiplying the gains of the people, Yes in the natural growth of our inner wealth and peace.»

Putin: Allah decided to punish the Turkish authorities, depriving them of reason 03.12.2015

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