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Putin-Assad not to save. Review of Arab media

The London newspaper «al-Rai al-Youm» reported about the beginning in Saudi Arabia, international military exercise «Northern thunder». In the maneuvers, which became the largest in the history of the Kingdom, involves 20 States. It is reported that the purpose of the exercise is to strengthen peace and security in the region. Particularly ambitious was the participation of Kuwait, sent on maneuvers a tank battalion.

Egyptian newspaper «al-Ahram» notes that in the face of escalating regional tensions increasingly important role of Oman, the state, which is called the «Switzerland of the Middle East». The Sultanate is included in the Council of the interaction of Gulf States, maintains friendly relations with Iran. While ties with Tehran, established during the Shah’s regime, not weakened after the coming to power of the ayatollahs.

The website «I Libnan» quotes the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, who said that despite all efforts, Russia will not be able to retain the Bashar Assad government in Syria. The Minister noted that the person responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people not eligible to be President.

The TV channel «al Jazeera» acquaints its audience with the point of view of a Professor at tel Aviv University Uzi Rabi. In his view, for Israel is preferable to the victory of Assad and Russia. The expert also expressed doubt that Saudi Arabia and Turkey will start ground operation in Syria – Rabi believes that the U.S. will veto such an initiative allies, fearing the situation would deteriorate.

The Agency Maan wonders how long Khalid Mashaal will remain at the head of Hamas. The Agency notes that not all management groups share the orientation of the head of the political Bureau on Turkey, Qatar, preferring to return into the orbit of Iran. It is also noted that the system of elections in Hamas are extremely opaque, and the selection mechanisms are hidden from outside eyes.

Putin-Assad not to save. Review of Arab media 15.02.2016

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