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Putin’s speech: «the Spell of meaningless numbers». Review of the Russian media

The main topic of today’s Russian press – statement by the President Vladimir Putin, who was on live television for about three hours. Renata Yambaeva, Deputy chief editor of the newspaper «Kommersant», described his impressions of the President’s speech in an article titled «the Spell of meaningless numbers».

«How Vladimir Putin answers questions about the economy and business, clearly illustrates and confirms the feeling that formed in the last months from observing the actions of officials at various levels. And despite the remarks of the President like «you still on about Syria, let’s talk about the economy», its essence is simple: we’re not interested. And generally not up to you guys. Vladimir Putin easily, without paper and with colorful details speaking about the conflict with Turkey and military action in Syria. But about «the economy» –stammering and a piece of paper,» says the author.

The Swedish government has decided to allocate over the next five years to 1.7 billion kronor ($200 million) in humanitarian aid to Syria, reports news Agency TASS. Funds will be transferred to the funds of the UN, the EU and civil society organizations.

«We must not forget that millions of people in Syria a horrible life. Two million children are not in school, 60% of the population is unemployed. We will support education to children and young people do not become soldiers» – said the Swedish Minister for international development cooperation .

The international Council of museums (ICOM) announced the commencement of a new programme in which he intends, in cooperation with Interpol and customs to counter the smuggling of historical values from the captured terrorists of the regions and other hot spots. In addition to Syria and Iraq ICOM is concerned about the situation in Libya, has released a «red list» of objects of a cultural heritage of this country, are in a high risk area, according to the same magazine.

The ICOM statement said that the illegal trade in cultural property is not new, but the conflicts in the middle East (Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Yemen) and in Africa has significantly compounded this problem. The Council noted that in recent times whole areas in which there are cultural and historical value are being destroyed or destruction, including terrorist group “Islamic state”, after which the values often fall into illegal channels of Commerce.

State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin has assessed the actions of PATO during the meeting with deputies of the Serbian Parliament, calling the Alliance a «cancer» of Europe. It would be better if this organization was disbanded, quotes the words of the head of the lower house «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».
According to Naryshkin, to dissolve PATO should be out in several stages: «First of all, to exclude from the organization United States of America. After that it would be painless to disband the organization as a whole. According to him the speaker, it «would be a good step towards improving security and stability throughout the European continent».

Russia from the New year no longer will trade with Ukraine also, as is done with other countries of the CIS. In the state Duma a bill that will allow Ukrainian producers to enjoy the same privileges enjoyed in Russia, for example, and importers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

We are talking about zero fees on simplified crossing of customs border, about the preferences of labour migrants, which will lose Ukraine in case of such a law, writes «RG». «The Ukrainian side has actually refused development of trade and economic cooperation within the CIS and chose the path of progress towards a comprehensive integration with the European Union», – emphasized in the explanatory note to the bill.

«Germany is choking with refugees» is the title of the article published in this Thursday’s «the Independent newspaper». This article States that on the eve of the Hamburg Foundation problems of the future published survey data indicating that most Germans, both older and middle-aged, are experiencing growing anxiety for the future associated not so much with the terrorist threat, but with the migration crisis. 89% of respondents see the refugees in the root cause of the problems that Germany. Not by chance the German language in Wiesbaden has decided this week with the main word of 2015. After going through 2.5 thousand proposals, it stopped at the word «refugee».

This same publication notes that the European Union has not recorded a significant reduction in the number arriving from Turkey migrants after the adoption of the joint plan of action for dealing with the migration crisis. This is stated the report of the government of Luxembourg (EU presidency), who was now at the disposal of the Agency Reuters.

According to these data, currently from Turkey to the Greek Islands arrive daily to 4 thousand people. This figure represents a «small decrease» in comparison with figure 5-6 thousand, which was observed previously. In addition, according to the authors of the report, it is impossible to assert with confidence that it is the actions of the Turkish authorities led to the reduction of migration. «This decrease can be explained by other factors,» the document says.

Cyprus police is investigating the circumstances of the death of 33-year-old native of Ufa Olesya Kupriyanova, whose body with 17 stab wounds was found in the mountains. Olesya with her husband and two children moved to Cyprus from Moscow. Her husband began to abuse alcohol, take drugs, beat Oles and threaten her with murder, then the woman left him. Two days before the body was discovered by Olesya, her husband and children left the island and was declared wanted. In his car, which was discovered in the Parking lot of the airport and found traces of blood. Experts have found that before death the girl was tortured, the newspaper «Izvestia».

Putin’s speech: «the Spell of meaningless numbers». Review of the Russian media 17.12.2015

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