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Pyongyang: the toughening of us sanctions would entail «severe retribution»

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of North Korea said that if the United States toughens sanctions against Pyongyang or «to embark on a military adventure,» it would follow the «inevitable retribution».

What actions will entail those decisions, North Korean authorities have not specified, writes in the Sunday, July 30, the news Agency Reuters with a reference to the TV channel KRT.

The DPRK foreign Ministry clarifies that Pyongyang was forced to spend the next rocket launch as a «severe warning» US about the inadmissibility of new sanctions against the country.

We will remind that on July 27, the U.S. Senate approved a bill providing for additional sanctions against Russia and Iran and North Korea. On Tuesday this bill passed the house of representatives of Congress, will be submitted for signature to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

The white house has signaled that it generally supports the bill, which will significantly limit the President’s powers in matters of sanctions policy. In particular, the document includes a paragraph requiring the President subject to confirmation by the legislators of any mitigation or cancellation of sanctions.

Pyongyang: the toughening of us sanctions would entail «severe retribution»

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