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Qatar has begun to consider against him the ultimatum

Qatar has started considering the list of demands contained in the ultimatum passed to join the boycott States. In the list, which became the property of the media 13 items. For the execution of the ultimatum Doha received 10 days.

From Qatar, require, including to close the channel «al Jazeera», to break relations with Iran, to halt the construction of a Turkish military base to freeze cooperation with Turkey and to abandon support for radical Islamist groups.

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson called on all parties to the conflict to sit down at the negotiating table using diplomatic efforts to put an end to the Qatari crisis.

«We believe that our allies and partners will be stronger when working together in achieving the main goal of countering terrorism and extremism,» — said an American politician, adding that he supports the mediation efforts of Kuwait.

Add that the United States occupy an ambiguous position in relation to the Qatari crisis. The US President Donald trump has expressed support for the demands of Saudi Arabia and its allies. At the same time, Washington announced the Qatar aircraft.

Qatar has begun to consider against him the ultimatum 26.06.2017

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