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Qatari crisis: Arab leaders are against Hamas

Qatari crisis continues to negatively impact the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates Anwar Karkash said in an interview with French television that the presence of Hamas leaders in Qatar is a concern for the entire region.

At the same time, the Arabic edition of the British television channel Sky News published the press-Secretary of the Libyan army, accusing the military wing of Hamas («Izaddina brigades of al-kasama») of involvement in terrorism on Libyan territory.

On the eve of the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir demanded that Qatar stop supporting and financing the movement «Muslim brotherhood» and Hamas.

The Hamas leadership has condemned the statement of al-Jubeir. In the second statement, Hamas asserted that the Arab States consider the Palestinian issue Central on the agenda, and Hamas – the leader of the resistance to the Zionist occupation.

«There is no doubt that the Zionist enemy uses the words of the Minister to justify new crimes against the Palestinians, our land and Holy sites, against Jerusalem and the Holy al-Aqsa», – stated in the statement of Hamas leadership.

Representative of the leadership of Hamas’s Ahmad Yusuf spoke even more sharply. According to him, Qatar has become a victim of the us-Saud-Israeli coalition. He also expressed confidence that the Emirate will not falter under external pressure, coming from the conflict winner.

The Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, under US pressure, demand from Qatar’s financing of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Against this background, Hamas is negotiating with Iran about the possibility of obtaining financial and other assistance.

A week ago, before the «Qatar crisis,» published in the London Saudi newspaper «Ash-shark al-Ausat» referring to the Palestinian sources said that the meeting in Beirut meeting of senior representatives of the terrorist organization Hamas with representatives of Hizbullah and the Iranian «revolutionary guards» had reached a preliminary agreement on the resumption of financing by Tehran, the Palestinian «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas). According to these sources, an agreement was reached on the resumption of relations between Hamas and Iran, providing for the restoration of funding is interrupted against the backdrop of civil war in Syria.

New head of Hamas Politburo Ismail Haniyeh had planned to arrive in Tehran «to build bridges and to overcome old differences.»

In late may, a group of congressmen from the Republican and Democratic parties introduced in the US Congress bill imposing sanctions on foreign citizens, agencies and governments that provide assistance to the Palestinian terrorist organizations Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others. In the documents of the Congress noted that Qatar and Iran are the sponsors of a number of terrorist groups.

5 Jun to break off diplomatic relations with Qatar, said Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Yemen, Eastern Libya, the Maldives and Mauritius. Doha was accused of terrorist financing, cooperation with Iran and attempts to interfere in the internal Affairs of Arab countries. Later, to reduce the level of diplomatic relations with Qatar authorities said Jordan, also joined the boycott Mauritania and Comoros, as the Moroccan authorities canceled flights to Doha. Against this background, the presidents of Russia and the US offered its assistance to Qatar to find ways out of the crisis.

At the same time, June 6, U.S. President Donald trump has published on the social network Twitter, the comment about sanctions against Qatar on the part of some Arab States. «During my recent trip to the middle East, I said that can no longer be funding radical ideology. The leaders pointed to the Qatar – see!» – wrote trump. Later on Twitter the American President had another entry on this topic: «it’s So nice to see that the meeting with the king of Saudi Arabia and the (leaders) of 50 countries are already paying off. They said they will take a tough stance in relation to the financing of extremism, and everything pointed to Qatar. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end of the nightmare of terrorism!»

As Hamas could seek out a «Qatari crisis»

In the Israeli media published that in the crisis period, Hamas could provoke a new large-scale armed conflict with Israel. In particular, comments about this website to «Cursor» recently, said Lieutenant Colonel Alon Evyatar, a former military intelligence officer.

Palestinian Agency Maan quotes opinions of analysts who believe that in the current situation Hamas has no other choice but to restore relations with Fatah. In this publication it is noted that a new confrontation with Israel against the restoration of the Union with Iran would mean for the «Islamic resistance movement» loss of support from the Sunni leaders and the inevitable increased isolation of Gaza. To rely on Ankara the leaders of Hamas are difficult because Turkey is under pressure from the West and is a member of NATO. It is suggested that in a crisis, the Hamas could even go for the return of the Gaza strip under the control of the Palestinian authority. However, Palestinian analysts say Hamas will find a way out of the crisis except a war with Israel, «to mix the cards».

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Qatari crisis: Arab leaders are against Hamas 08.06.2017

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