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Qualifying match ended in a mass brawl: the game review

The Bosnians and Greeks played a draw 0:0. The Belgians defeated Estonians 2:0. Cypriots barely defeated the national team of Gibraltar 2:1.

The position of teams. Belgium 16 points, 12 Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina 11, 7 Cyprus, 4 Estonia, Gibraltar 0.

Group N

Bosnia and Herzegovina — Greece 0:0

The match ended in a mass brawl involving players and members of coaching staffs.

Estonia — Belgium 0:2

In the 31st minute and Kevin de Bruyne shot. The former goalkeeper «Sheffield United», Mikel Aksalu (SIK, Finland) erred in failing to catch the ball. Dries Mertens (Napoli) has a shot at the empty goal 0:1.

On 42 minutes, Lukaku left alone. Foot the goalkeeper parried the ball.

In the 44th minute, the hosts remained in the minority. Artem Dmitriev (nõmme Kalju) hit Marouane Fellaini and has been removed.

45 minutes de bruyne makes a great pass. Lukaku found himself one on one and tried to LOB the ball over the goalkeeper. Aksalu the ball parried. In the 51st minute Vertongen shot from 30 metres. The Keeper kicked the ball flying into the bottom corner. At the minute, Mertens was beaten from close range. Aksalu caught the ball. On 64 minutes the visitors took a corner. Fellaini fired a powerful shot under the crossbar. The goalkeeper parried the ball. On 69 minutes, de bruyne strikes a beautiful Curling shot from 25 metres. Aksalu the ball rescued.

In the 86th minute Chadli scored the second goal.

Gibraltar — Cyprus 1:2

Qualifying match ended in a mass brawl: the game review 10.06.2017

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