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Rabbi Eliezer Berland health Ministry

Monday, April 3, the parole Board ordered put under house arrest Rabbi Eliezer of Berlanda serving a sentence for indecent assault and sexual harassment.

The decision to transfer Eliezer of Berlanda was made on humanitarian grounds: 80-year-old Rabbi is diagnosed with cancer.

Eliezer Berland from his prison cell you will move into a small hotel next to the Jerusalem hospital «Hadassah». For compliance with conditions of parole will be watched by security guards of a private security company.

Eliezer Berland permitted to use medical treatments, to meet with doctors and nurses, to him will be given to close relatives. Outsiders, including followers of the Rabbi will not be able to visit it.

Note that the 22 November 2016 Rabbi Eliezer Berland was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Berland – one of the leaders of the Braslav Hasidim, the founder and head of the yeshiva «Shuwa Banim». In 2012, one of the members of the «yard» Berlanga said that he saw him in an intimate situation with one of the members of his community of women. A few months accusing the Rabbi, the man was beaten up by followers of Berland, and the police opened a criminal case, become soon in the investigation of sexual offences. After a few women accused the Rabbi of sexual harassment. Berland left Israel and sought refuge in different countries, including Morocco, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Asylum was denied.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland health Ministry 03.04.2017

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