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Ramzan Kadyrov has two months left on a post of the head of Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov has not yet decided whether to run for another term as the head of the Chechen Republic. He said this on his page in social network Instagram.

«It turns out that the deadline is approaching the end of my powers as the head of the Czech Republic. It expires in two months. I was reminded of this by the journalists. And immediately raised the questions, whether I was going to run. I never thought of that. Sure, first of all, on the candidate must be the choice of the President of Russia. If he says that the person is suitable for the post of head of the Republic, and the people it supports, then you may want to participate. As a politician desperate for power for power, you will achieve nothing. On the election too early. I don’t want to be distracted by these issues. And no decision is yet accepted» – quoted Kadyrov TASS.

Ramzan Kadyrov was confirmed as the head of the Chechen Republic on 5 March 2011 the Parliament of the Republic on the proposal of the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev for a term of five years. The term of office begins the day of the inauguration, which took place on 5 April 2011.

The next President will be elected this year by a direct vote of residents of Chechnya. Candidates for the position of head of the Republic will be nominated by political parties – the relevant amendments were made to the Constitution of the Republic in 2012, the newspaper «Vedomosti».

Since the expiration of the current authority of Ramzan Kadyrov and before the inauguration of the elected head of Chechnya to control the Republic will be acting head of Chechnya, which will appoint the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Ramzan Kadyrov has two months left on a post of the head of Chechnya 03.02.2016

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